Exotic and Floral Decoration Inspiration for your 2017 Big Day!

Discover a beautiful and romantic way to decorate your reception with flowers!

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Aude Rose and Dessine-moi une étoile. Two names that leave no doubt about the incredible sensitivity and imagination that these two agencies, specialising in wedding decoration and floral creations, demonstrate.  Nowadays, there is an entire universe surrounding the escapism that they offer. Discover this beautiful, vivid and exotic world through Annaimages photos.

An exotic, natural and colourful world…

For this inspiration, Aude Rose collected natural materials such as wood, soil and plants. Combining them accurately with warm colours, they created an exotic and folkloric realm evoking the idea of escapism. Following a colour code of white, grey and sienna, the various suppliers, having brought their skills, worked towards a natural background ambience in order to enhance the ensemble, but introduced brightly coloured details. Wicker furniture, a gold and ochre table…a mixture of crafted and DIY objects and small treasures uncovered in old attics. For the stationery and floral creations, the colours are made warmer with pink, red and orange hues, recalling the changing light of the sun. A décor that is far from conventional, but not less chic nor romantic.

A bohemian and romantic bride…

Well rooted in this world, the bride wears a stunning, backless, lace dress. Belted at the waist, the dress marks her silhouette by accentuating its flowing fabric. For the hairstyle, the two beauty experts propose two options. The first is very bohemian; the hair falls naturally, loose upon the shoulders and accessorised with a wreath of white feathers, which mimic the bride’s earrings. The second is more romantic; a low bun enhanced by beautiful, bright flowers, in perfect harmony with the make-up.

Did you enjoy this exotic-chic inspired shoot? Discover the suppliers who participated: Organisation, coordination, design & managementAude Rose & Dessine-moi une étoile/ PhotographyAnnaimages /Flowers : Aude Rose / Announcement & StationeryDessine-moi une étoile / Culinary creationsLallier Traiteur / Dress: Lorafolk pour Monoprix / Hair & Make-up : Gratien Huret et Nicolas Goudeau de la Maison de coiffure Christian Lavergne / Jewellery & AccessoriesLes Dormeuses de Madapolam / Venue : Coach me  / Model: Chloé Retout.

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