41 Party Dress Trends for 2017: Jaw-Dropping Looks for Guests

The best 2017 dress designs for guests. Get some inspo now - here are 41 beautiful dresses that are full of life and colour.

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As the prestigious fashion world keeps expanding, international designers that create a dynamic variety of cutting-edge designs are making it easier for us to find a perfect dress to suit our tastes and the event. Leading designers pioneer new trends, other designers try to better the designs of the first, and there you have it: an ever-changing, ever-growing range of dress styles from which you can take your pick. Styles evolve season by season, so in this gallery we will show you the most anticipated dress trends for 2017.

Varied designs, ranging from short party dresses with beads, embroidery and accessories, to printed dresses with polka dotss, drapes and volume, or long dresses for a refined, elegant look. As for next season’s colours, think pastel: pale pinks, blues, duck egg, peach and nude. This is all without ignoring the other end of the colour spectrum – long and short party dresses in bright reds, greens and blues will still be popular statements, and as always, the black party dress.

An amazing variety once again for 2017. Have a look for some inspiration, be the envy of other guests and feel amazing whilst dancing the night away.

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