4 Styles for 4 settings: A rustic outdoor picnic wedding

4 Styles for 4 settings: A rustic outdoor picnic wedding

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Do you love the great outdoors, fresh air and nature? Then why not incorporate these things into your wedding theme? Picnic weddings are a huge trend for summer weddings in 2015. Organise your own picnic with added special touches for a rustic wedding. Lights, personalised boxes, rustic cakes, wicker baskets, strawberries, champagne and picnic blankets… what more could you want!

How about some of your favourite picnic foods too? Not just some old sandwiches, but think about smoked salmon, delicious homemade quiches and things like pink lemonade and warm rustic breads.

Have a look at this delicious gallery of inspiration for a fabulous wedding picnic. Weddings aren’t always formal events, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be special and different. If outdoor picnics are your thing then we think this is an incredible setting… and not a cold sausage roll in sight!

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