Wedding Planning: Hire Your Own Fairy Godmother with Wedding In Cortina

Expert Event Planner, Viviana Reatti, tells us that each and every wedding must be a bespoke design. Find out why hiring a wedding planner like her can be one of the most important decision you'll make this season

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Some of the most famous weddings in history have been organised with a team of creators all dedicated to one common goal, the celebration of love between two people. And, although the end goal of a wedding event is making sure everybody has fun, that will never be achieved without the organisational help from a number of people. Since long ago, the parents of the bride/groom has lent a helping hand, but since family members are often busy, it has become a popular tradition to hire a professional wedding planner.

Wedding planners are the real fairy godmother of all weddings. While the bridal couple are busy welcoming, thanking and chatting to the ones they hold dear, the wedding planner, with whom the couple have trusted with one of the biggest days of their life, is making sure that everything is going exactly how the blueprint had planned it. 

Viviana Reatti, jewellery designer and expert Event Planner of Cortina d’Ampezzo, believes that every wedding must be built around the desires of the couple to tell their story and reflect their new life together. For Viviana there are no fashions or special rules to follow, there is only what the spouses want and her role is to help in the fabrication of that. One of the great things about Wedding in Cortina is that their level of participation in the wedding can vary according to different couples’ needs: consultancy, planning, design and coordination of the event or even for small interventions such as set-ups, decorations and the procurement of individual suppliers.

Whatever the style of wedding, these planners guarantee that the outcome is given by the network of collaborators and local partners, and it executed as intended. If you are thinking about hiring a wedding planner to make sure your day is one to remember in history, this team are highly recommended by Zankyou and many more luxury wedding suppliers. 

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