A Guaranteed Unique and Special Wedding Day With Sìena Day Wedding Planner!

Your dream for your own personalized, unique and special wedding day in Tuscany could become reality with Sìena Day Wedding Planner.

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Everyone has different tastes in weddings, but there is one mindset we all share: your wedding day is going to be the best day of your life. There are certain professionals who have made it their life goal to make this happen for you. Sìena Day Wedding Planner is one of these professionals. The partners dedicate themselves to creating a wonderful day that is beyond your expectations in the most beautiful places in Italy. Curious yet? Continue reading and find out more about this amazing wedding planner duo!

The start

It all started when Letizia and Grazia organized a wedding for a friend that asked for their help some years ago around the mid 90’s. The wedding they organized turned out to be a huge success and that is when things added up and they started to organize more weddings. Throughout the years they specialized more and more and were trained by following many courses in the field of wedding organization and in 2014/2015 it was time to really set up their own business, so Sìena Day Wedding Planner was born! The name of the agency comes from thinking of “I DO” in combination with the place where they operate,  Sìena in Tuscany, Italy. When they joined SÍENA DAY was born.


The terms that best define Sìena Day Wedding Planner as wedding planner are professionalism, good taste, creativity and above all originality. They approach every event in a unique and special way. They listen to your wishes and propose new ideas that have not already been realized in previous weddings or in any case personalized ideas for each married couple. In this way they make sure that your wedding is absolutely original, how cool is that!?

There are a few things that set them apart from other wedding planners. Something that they’re extremely good at is, interpreting the tastes of the spouses and give the wedding reception an exclusive touch. They take away all the burdens they have, and make sure they have nothing to worry about concerning the wedding. Besides this, a wedding is nothing without a wedding planning that is solid as a rock. It is Letizia and Grazia’s task to find a solution for your needs that fits perfectly with your budget and allows for a ceremony that fulfills everything you have ever dreamed of in a wedding, whilst reflecting your personality.


Sìena Day Wedding Planner does not necessarily have a certain style since every wedding is unique and specified to your needs and personality. When we asked them what kind of style they prefer, they answered with the Tuscan style which makes total sense as they are lucky enough to work in beautiful Tuscany. Tuscany is rich in country locations: a historic estate, a cottage overlooking the Tuscan nature, a castle immersed in the countryside, a Renaissance villa overlooking the vineyards… You name it, Tuscany has it! There are so many possibilities and options for wedding in a country chic style, with the perfect compromise between elegance and rustic, being informal yet in style and trend.


Similar to their style, the services Sìena Day Wedding Planner offer depends on the wishes of you as a wedding couple. They can take over the entire organization of the wedding, but also help you with certain parts with their tailor-made packages. These are made out of different services and costs, designed to meet the different needs of each couple.

What makes a wedding unique and special according to Sìena Day Wedding Planner? 

Last but not least we asked the wedding planner what makes a wedding unique and special according to them. Their answer was:Surely, the dress of dreams, the fairytale place chosen for the ceremony, the beautiful flowers, the good food, the good music that is the background for the reception and the dance moment, the thousand details that have been taken care of in every little detail together with the wedding planner. But this will not only make a wedding special but also that UNIQUE EMOTION that will not be tried again at other times, the emotion of becoming a couple with the person you love, and starting a new journey together. In addition, the joy in the faces of people who love each other, the tears of happiness of a mother, grandmother, sister, friend. See the proud face of a father who accompanies his daughter to the altar. And then to see the excited face of that “boy” who watches the girl of his dreams reach him at the altar, eyes in the eyes, and who will soon take their hands, recite their promises, exchange their faiths and perceive the immense love between them. All this makes a wedding unique! For every married couple it will be perfect for this and when it arrives, they will no longer worry about anything, the fears will disappear and everything will be beautiful because the joy they will feel will be immense.”

What a lovely answer. Do you feel like Sìena Day Wedding Planner might be the right choice for your wedding? Then feel free to contact them today!

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A Guaranteed Unique and Special Wedding Day With Sìena Day Wedding Planner!