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The Top Spanish Wedding Dress Designers That Every Bride Should Know About!

Spanish wedding dress designers are some of the biggest names in the industry. Why not add yourself to the extensive list of brides and celebrities who flock to them every year and get yourself a stunning bridal gown?

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Spanish wedding dress designers are among the most famous in the world. Some of the biggest names in bridal fashion come from the land of sun, sangria and Cervantes, and so it’s no wonder why so many brides flock to these designers year in, year out, for their perfect wedding dress.


This is Zankyou‘s comprehensive guide to the Top 8 Spanish Wedding Dress Designers that every bride should know about. Enjoy!

1. Pronovias

What would this article be without mentioning the world-famous and pioneering bridal gown powerhouse, Pronovias? Probably the first name that springs to mind when thinking of anything wedding-dress-related. Founded in 1946 by Alberto Palatchi Bienveniste, this luxury brand has been going from strength to strength in the bridal market ever since, and is now stocked in over 100 countries across the world, in 4000 points of sale.

saveAmanda - Pronovias
Amanda – Pronovias
saveOrsa - Pronovias
Orsa – Pronovias

2. Rosa Clará

Originating in Barcelona in the 1990s, Rosa Clará is one of the bridal fashion houses that revolutionised bridal style and redressed the approach to the niche market that was bridal gown design at the time. Using the highest quality fabrics to create innovative and beautiful designs, brides the world over revere Rosa‘s stunning creations and it’s not difficult to see why. Her 2017 collections are very varied, and their versatility makes them a surefire way to find the dress of your dreams.

saveRosa Clará 2017
Oboe – Rosa Clará
saveOpalo - Rosa Clará
Opalo – Rosa Clará

3. YolanCris

YolanCris is a respected and esteemed name in Spanish bridal couture and eveningwear. Sisters Yolanda and Cristina founded their label in 2005 and continue to be the air in its wings to this day. Their mother was a pioneer in bridal fashion design, so they have grown up surrounded by such a strong influence. Their 2017 collection is not for a shrinking-violet-type bride – their designs are original, daring and unique. Combining a mixture of materials, structures and textures, this collection is likely to wow and inspire awe from anyone lucky enough to see you wearing it!

saveAbelia - YolanCris
Abelia – YolanCris
saveHelecho - YolanCris
Helecho – YolanCris

4. Inmaculada Garcia

Inmaculada Garcia designs with a daring and passionate bride in mind. She injects class and femininity into her designs by incorporating interesting fabrics, cuts and silhouettes into her collections. Her 2017 collection is an interesting mix of modernism and tradition – the tea-length skirts are a nod to the chicness of the 50s but the illusion lace ties in current trends.

saveAyami - Inmaculada Garcia
Ayami – Inmaculada Garcia
saveEtsu - Inmaculada Garcia
Etsu – Inmaculada Garcia

5. Jesus Peiró

Founded in 1988, all Jesus Peiró dresses are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain and present worldwide with over 200 customers in over 20 countries. In addition to high-quality bridalwear, they also offer a wide range of hand-made bridal accessories.  The firm has managed to become a point of reference in the wedding industry, both in Spain and abroad, thanks to its reputation for quality and the creation of a collection created to suit the beauty standards of a wide and varied market.

save7011 - Jesus Peiró
7011 – Jesus Peiró
save7071 - Jesus Peiró
7071 – Jesus Peiró

6. Isabel Zapardiez

Isabel Zapardiez‘s notorious designs are recognisable as being quirky, unusual and unpredictable. She uses extraordinary fabrics and silhouettes to differentiate her designs from the rest of her competitors, thus making her a beacon on the Spanish bridal designers scene. Her work is truly one-of-a-kind, which means that you can be sure to feel equally as special on your big day. Check out her 2017 collection for more inspiration!

save14 - Isabel Zapardiez
Isabel Zapardiez
saveIsabel Zapardiez
Isabel Zapardiez

7. Marco & Maria

Marco & Maria is comprised of Tenerife-based design duo Marco Marrero and María Díaz whose international bridal and eveningwear design career has been international since they were thrust into the spotlight at the Paris Show in 2000. Their designs embrace two styles in particular – Bride and Party. They use taffeta, tulles, silks in their creations and try to keep their designs modern, with elements of past historical periods.

save1013 - Marco y Maria
1013 – Marco & Maria
save1009 - Marco y Maria
1009 – Marco & Maria

8. Jordi Dalmau

Definitely not for the faint-hearted, Jordi Dalmau‘s bridal gown designs are something you don’t find just anywhere! His attitude to colour and texture is refreshing and definitely daring. He aspires to make each of his brides look and feel unique on their big day by pushing the boundaries of traditional wedding dress design.  With more than 10 years’ experience in the wedding industry, Jordi knows what makes a showstopping gown and his 2017 collection is a reflection of this.

saveBellesguard - Jordi Dalmau
Bellesguard – Jordi Dalmau
saveLeonardo - Jordi Dalmau
Leonardo – Jordi Dalmau

Seen something that’s tickled your fancy? Why not find your nearest stockist and go and try on your dream dress! Why not accessorise your beautiful Spanish gown with a lush bouquet of season-appropriate flowers, or even an alternative bouquet to match your alternative dress? Don’t forget to add some equally stunning ballerina-style bridal shoes and hair accessories to jazz up your entire look – after all, this is your day!

For more dresspiration, check our our galleries!

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