Modeca 2019: Designs Full of Romanticism for Cosmopolitan Brides

No te pierdas la colección más actual de Modeca para el 2019 y elige el diseño que mejor se adapte a tu estilo. ¡Te encantarán!

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Modeca Bridal, a brand that has come a long way in dressing brides from all over the world. From the small lace shop to the signature that it is today, Modeca Bridal has created some beautiful dresses since it began, and it has not disappointed this time round. Don’t miss all the latest designs in this gallery of Modeca wedding dresses 2019.


Dick Van Zutphen, the director and owner of this Dutch brand, has created a proposal that has a romantic approach. His collection, The Grace of Beauty, perfectly describes his designs. Inspired by a luxurious, dreamy and passionate spirit, the wedding dresses reflect the essence of Dutch design. The designs are aimed at brides who look for romanticism with an air of boho for her nuptial look. Simple line dresses that mix with bright, voluminous styles along with mermaid cut and illusion necklines, which are a popular choice.

A brand designed for all brides and with a size range perfect for each bride to find the perfect dress. Light and fresh designs, romantic and dreamy, sensual and daring. Different adjectives included in perfect proposals for your big day. Discover the Modena 2019 wedding dresses and choose your favourite.

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Modeca 2019: Designs Full of Romanticism for Cosmopolitan Brides