Marylise by Rembo Styling 2019: Modern Elegance With Bold Details

Discover the numerous textures and sophisticated details in the new collection of wedding dresses Marylise by Rembo Styling 2019!

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A catwalk show that always dazzles the audience with its touches of colour, diversity and commitment to female empowerment, is the Belgian bridal fashion company Marylise and Rembo Styling. Don’t miss the new collection full of spectacular wedding dresses for Marylise and Rembo Styling 2019. A collection full of show-stopping trends, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you just perfect.


The brand have called the collection ‘Cosmic Love’ because Rembo Styling knows fashion and takes risks for women who seek to follow the trends, adding a youthful and spontaneous style to conventional looks.

They’ve created geometric shapes, along with laced seams and designs that are adorned with star motifs, and a collection of fabrics. The long-sleeved wedding dresses are back and the games between transparency and opacity make it all more exciting. As for the shades, the creamy white is the one used in most designs and the tones between pink and nude are joined.

The highlight of the Marylise by Rembo Styling 2019 wedding dresses is modern elegance with attention to small and very sophisticated details. Don’t miss the most chic creations created for contemporary women who dare to be different.

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Marylise by Rembo Styling 2019: Modern Elegance With Bold Details