Ballerina-Inspired Wedding Shoes: Discover the Latest Trend for Elegant and Feminine Brides

We’ve seen bridal footwear trends take many different paths over the years. Heels, flats, lace-up, strappy, you name it, it’s out there! But the current trend for 2017 weddings are ballet-inspired pumps or, in some cases, actual ballet shoes.

Photo: The Nichols
Photo: The Nichols

Although it’s not the first time we have come across this trend, we do love it, and we’re thrilled it’s back. After all, nothing says elegant like ballerina does! One of the biggest advantages of these gorgeous shoes and pumps is that you can guarantee comfy feet on your big day. If you’re planning a rural wedding where you might be walking between the church and your reception, and you’ve ruled out the possibility of wearing heeled shoes, then a pair of ballet pumps could be the answer. Another advantage is that if you’re already tall and worried about towering above your groom, then some elegant little slippers such as these are the ideal choice of bridal shoe.

Photo: The Nichols
Photo: Stacy Jacobsen

There are plenty of different designs out there to pick from, including delicate leather pumps in nude tones, Mary Jane pumps and others with an ankle strap if you are keen to emulate that authentic ballerina look. Whichever design you choose, these shoes will add a wonderfully romantic touch to your wedding outfit. They also look great with any length of dress, whether they’re part of your statement look, or just a subtle vintage touch that people will catch a glimpse of.

Photo: MK Sadler
Photo: Sy Delorme

If you happen to be a professional dancer, an amateur or simply like the aesthetics associated with dance, you can honour this in your look with some subtle dance-orientated accessories. If you want to incorporate a more explicit dance theme into your wedding, we suggest a total ballerina look with a classic bow, powdery toned colour scheme, very soft makeup and a tulle dress to recreate the delicate dresses worn in professional ballet.

Photo: Melissa Biador Photography
Photo: Melanie Gabrielle

Check out some of our suggestions on how to incorporate this beautiful style of shoe into your big-day look:

Photo: French Sole
Photo: Ballet Beautiful
Photo: Urban Outfitters
Photo: Repetto
Photo: Chloé
Photo: Chloé

If you’re stuck for where to find some of these ballerina style pumps, have a look at some of our suggestions, or head to a dance shop near you to get some ideas. And, after it’s all over, we think these pumps can look great just with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a casual and quirky look for every occasion.

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