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The Top 5 Israeli Wedding Dress Designers that Every Bride Should Know About!

We're bringing you creations from Galia Lahav, Alon Livné White, Solo Merav, Berta Bridal & Inbal Dror - Israel's Hottest Wedding Dress Designers. Check out how each of them bring sexiness and sensuality to the wedding world. Good luck choosing your favourite!

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Let’s set the record straight – these dresses are sexy. And we mean, sexy.


Bohemian-chic and modern-vintage bridal looks have long dominated the spotlight as the preferable, go-to looks, (and you’ll find those silhouettes in these designers’ collections too) but what these Israeli designers really excel at is sensuality. The ability to use a woman’s femininity and make it her greatest superpower. So, if you’re looking for a wedding dress that is almost hot to the touch, look no further than this selection of designers we’ve prepared for you today.

Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav is a Tel Aviv-based design house specialising in bridalwear and luxury evening couture. Famous for her generous use of illusion-lace (particularly to create plunging backs) and reams upon reams of tulle to create voluminous, cascading skirts, her dresses are a far cry from the whimsicality and prudishness found in dresses of a bygone era.

Wendy - Galia LahavLearn more about “Wendy - Galia Lahav”
Wendy – Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav is certainly not afraid of injecting sexuality and bringing out your inner vixen with her designs, which, are all hand-made using top luxury sewing techniques by the best seamstresses in Israel. Her aim is to redefine fashion for women the world over, and provide them with unique and sought-after dresses. Each of her creations is laden with intricate detailing and encrusted with the most exquisite bead-work, enough to make any woman feel like royalty on her big day.

Flavia - Galia LahavLearn more about “Flavia - Galia Lahav”
Flavia – Galia Lahav

The dresses are all custom-made and therefore intended to fit like a second skin to the body, and amplify the female form in all its glory. You will never see an ill-fitting or frumpy Galia Lahav gown, only the finest haute couture naturally exuding class and allure. Nothing is done by chance where Galia Lahav is concerned – every bead attached and every lace appliqué is done in such a way that is pristine and carefully considered.

Avena - Galia LahavLearn more about “Avena - Galia Lahav”
Avena – Galia Lahav

Inbal Dror

Originally a graduate from the Shenkar Fashion Art Academy in Tel Aviv, Inbal Dror is Israel’s leading bridal gown and evening wear designer. Despite being relatively new to the bridal fashion world, her designs are pioneering and available in boutiques worldwide.

BR-16-01 - Inbal DrorLearn more about “BR-16-01 - Inbal Dror”
BR-16-01 – Inbal Dror

Inbal likes to evoke reactions with her designs, especially through those featuring long, dramatic trains and plunging backs. The Inbal Dror bride is a confident one, who isn’t afraid of setting hearts racing or wearing her dress as if it were an extension of herself. Each dress is made-to-measure, using 30 measurements taken from the bride’s body, to ensure a dress that fits like a glove.

BR-16-12 - Inbal DrorLearn more about “BR-16-12 - Inbal Dror”
BR-16-12 – Inbal Dror

Thankfully, Inbal‘s philosophy on dress fitting is that comfort is top priority so her brides know that if they choose to wear one of her stunning creations, they’re going to be able to enjoy the feel of their dress as much as the aesthetic. The ability to enjoy wearing your dress is a surefire way to ensure that you carry yourself elegantly and exude a confidence reserved only for the most special day of your life. She uses a stunning combination of tulle, beadwork, sequins, appliqués, Swarovski crystals and pearls in her collections – maximum luxury!

BR-15-28 - Inbal DrorLearn more about “BR-15-28 - Inbal Dror”
BR-15-28 – Inbal Dror

Solo Merav

Solo Merav‘s bridal gowns are a bride’s ticket to the utmost elegance and sophistication on her wedding day. Her passion for style is the inspiration behind every one of her beautiful works. She works very closely with each bride to really get an idea for their style and their wishes, and will find creative solutions to any issues that arise. She uses the highest-quality tulle, chiffon, and lace to create luxury, but affordable gowns.

Inez - Solo MeravLearn more about “Inez - Solo Merav”
Inez – Solo Merav

Having studied fashion in both Milan and Rome, she enjoys incorporating the classic Italian philosophy of elegance, simplicity and prestige into her designs. Each one balances femininity and sexiness, allowing every Solo Merav bride to look and feel her best on her big day. With each design she tries to envelope the curves of the bride’s body but also retain an element of mystery and allure – a sort of “come hither” effect. Most of her dresses contain body shape-wear to enhance the bride’s natural physique and allow the dress to hang beautifully.

Camila - Solo MeravLearn more about “Camila - Solo Merav”
Camila – Solo Merav

All beading, hand-work and embroidery is done in Haifa, Northern Israel, where her studio is located. This makes it very easy for any of their designs to be adjusted at a moment’s notice, as opposed to manufacturing elsewhere and it being difficult to make any last-minute changes. Merav designs dresses for all brides, regardless of their religion, allowing her to make varied and unique collections that suit all brides – from the most modest to the most fashion-forward.

Sintra - Solo MeravLearn more about “Sintra - Solo Merav”
Sintra – Solo Merav

Berta Bridal

Focusing on luxury bridalwear, Berta Bridal is another important powerhouse in the Israeli bridal fashion design industry. Also a graduate from the Shenkar College of Design in Tel Aviv, she founded the Berta Bridal fashion house in 2004 and has since then been trying to test the barriers and boundaries of modern fashion with her spectacular designs. She was recognised by the New York Times for being one of the main bridal fashion designers to help introduce sexiness to a traditionally modest industry.

17-102 - Berta BridalLearn more about “17-102 - Berta Bridal”
17-102 – Berta Bridal

Berta‘s designs have been worn by an array of celebrities on their wedding days and for special events, further proving her worldwide success in the fashion industry. She uses an unlimited number of textiles and techniques in the creation of her bridal gowns – sequins, detailed bead-work, fine mesh, embroidery, lace, chiffon, among others. No expense is spared in her design process.

16-17 - Berta BridalLearn more about “16-17 - Berta Bridal”
16-17 – Berta Bridal

Each dress’ design is exquisitely thought out to the most minute of details, and crafted to such a high standard that you’d be hard pushed to find a dress of this calibre in the same price bracket. The Berta bride is unabashedly sexy and oozes a playful sensuality that is depicted in the way she wears the dress.

16-106 - Berta BridalLearn more about “16-106 - Berta Bridal”
16-106 – Berta Bridal

Alon Livné White

Yet another pioneering member of the Israeli fashion scene, Alon Livné, who erupted onto the fashion scene at the tender age of just 17, has been trained by the likes of Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli. He is recognised for his outstandingly innovative designs and use of fabrics, and the luxurious nature of his creations.

Alon-Livne-White-wedding-dress-4-11092015nzyLearn more about “Alon-Livne-White-wedding-dress-4-11092015nzy”
Charlotte – Alon Livné

 His impeccable sartorial taste comes from beginning his design process with the use of inspiration boards, including images of landscapes and other things that move him. He definitely tries to enhance his collections with a sentimental element, which lets each Alon Livné bride know that she is wearing something special and carefully thought out. He uses a wide variety of deluxe fabrics and materials, including pearls, crystals and detailed embroidery to create stunning collections that radiate class and style.

Caroline - Alon LivnéLearn more about “Caroline - Alon Livné”
Caroline – Alon Livné

He is particularly taken by illusion lace, and creating risqué designs by placing lace over nude underlays to add a bit of ooh la la to the dress. An Alon Livné bride is a bride who isn’t afraid of letting her elegance do the talking and all eyes being on her. Each dress is a capsule of genius and finesse – something that you will stand the test of time and still be as breathtaking in fifty years as it is now. Alon‘s creativity is a privilege to behold and an even greater privilege to wear on your wedding day.

Amanda - Alon LivnéLearn more about “Amanda - Alon Livné”
Amanda – Alon Livné

So there you have it! Our top selection of the 5 Hottest Israeli Wedding Dress Designers. Your journey as a bride-to-be would not be complete without considering one of these fantastic craftswomen and man as the one lucky enough to make the most important outfit you are ever likely to wear. Allow yourself to be captivated by the quality and luxury of their dresses, and make an appointment with your favourite!

Why not style one of their stunning gowns with a beautiful bouquet and a killer pair of shoes? Don’t forget that the dress wouldn’t be complete without solid foundations – good lingerie is key to your dress looking its best!


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