Delight your wedding guests with these sensational seating plans

Delight your wedding guests with these sensational seating plans

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Wedding planning isn’t always fun and exciting, there are downsides too. One of the most stressful or difficult tasks is definitively creating a seating plan. If it’s that stressful then why have one at all? The answer is simple; because unless you’re having an intimate wedding with just a handful of close people, you really do need a seating plan before sitting down at your wedding reception becomes a scrum down like a school canteen. We’re not exaggerating here. Certain people will want to be sat together, some may even get the hump if they can’t be next to the 10 people they know at your wedding. Yes, people may still get the hump (there’s always one), if your seating plan has put them somewhere they don’t necessarily want to be, but if they’ve been TOLD to sit there by the bride and groom, no one is going to argue about it (hopefully) and they will do as you say. Oh the powers of being a bride and groom!


All of these stresses and formalities aside, we think a seating plan looks lovely. It’s a big part of your reception decor and something that your guests will look forward to as they enter your reception venue.

Seating plans weren’t always this exciting. Think back to weddings you went to 10 or 15 years ago. A seating plan was simply a large white board with people’s names listed with a table number, usually in the chosen wedding colours of some sort. My, have seating plans changed! There is nothing that is off limits and the more weddings we go to, the more imaginative people are with their creations. From vintage mirrors and blackboards to picture frames and things hanging from trees.

Have a look at our inspirational gallery and give your guests something to smile about!

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Delight your wedding guests with these sensational seating plans