8 Things That All Brides Should Do On Their Wedding Day: Get Ready in Style!

8 Things That All Brides Should Do On Their Wedding Day: Get Ready in Style!

8 Things that all brides should do on their wedding day: Get ready in style!

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Perhaps your wedding day is approaching and you’re beginning to feel a little nervous about it all? This is completely normal! Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your entire life, so it’s understandable if you’re getting the pre-wedding jitters. I mean they don’t call it the “big day” for nothing. Preparing yourself for your big day can be nerve-wracking but it doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, it can even be quite fun! Let Zankyou guide you on your special journey with these 8 things that we think all brides should do on their wedding day. Ready, set, go!

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1. Eat Well

It’s natural for brides to feel nervous and at times anxious as they prepare themselves on the morning of their wedding, but not having a good breakfast and not eating throughout the day can cause headaches, hunger pains and may even cause you to faint, especially in the summer months. Even though you may not feel hungry, you need lots of energy for all the standing around, dancing and emotions you’ll feel on the day. Get your bridesmaids together and start the say off with a hearty breakfast – smoked salmon and scrambled egg is perfect, or some fresh fruit and porridge will keep you going all morning. If you ask me, I say get stuck into that bacon sarnie, you deserve it! Don’t forget to eat during your reception too. It’s easy to get carried away talking to people, but you’ll need your energy for the dance floor, and more importantly, you’ve paid for a delicious meal, so enjoy it!

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2 – Choose a fun outfit

Getting ready with your bridesmaids is part of the wedding day fun, so why not choose a cute sweatshirt or robe that says “Bride” on the back. There are so many different options and styles to choose from, so you can pick something that best matches your style and something you can wear again on honeymoon. Not only fun, but they’re also great for a pre-wedding photo session. Invite your friends and bridesmaids over for a glass of champagne and get them to wear tops with “team bride” or “bridesmaid” written on them. This is bound to get you all in a great mood!

3 – Listen to your favourite music

We all know that music can instantly change our mood, so we think the perfect way to get ready involves creating a personal playlist of your favourite songs. Set up your MP3 player with your favourite tunes or create a mood enhancing playlist on Spotify. Why not get your bridesmaids to chip in with their favourite songs, or play songs from concerts you’ve been to with your other half to bring back beautiful memories.

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4 – Lay out your whole wedding outfit

Your wedding dress, shoes, accessories… everything! It’s really important to lay everything out to ensure it all looks OK (no stains or rips) and more importantly, to not forget anything! It may sound silly, but so many brides forget to put on a specific necklace or can’t find their hairpiece at the last minute. On a more creative note this will give your photographer the opportunity to take some beautiful shots of your outfit. Likewise, laying out your make-up, deodorant, perfume etc, will ensure you remember everything and save time looking for things that aren’t to hand. Your mind will be elsewhere and it’s not the first time a bride has forgotten something as simple as spraying deodorant!

5 – Stay away from the booze

We’re being serious here. Having a cheeky glass of champagne on the morning of your wedding is a lovely tradition (if not a law by now!). It’s a decadent thing to do and can help to calm your nerves but overdoing the alcohol is a VERY bad idea. Alcohol + nerves can have disastrous effects, especially if you’re not eating through stress. The last thing you want is to rock up at your ceremony smelling of booze, or worse… slur your vows! Save yourself for some nice wine with your meal or a few drinks at your party later on, and remember… drink plenty of water throughout the day. It’ll keep you hydrated and looking radiant.

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6 – Meditate

It may sound silly, but meditating can help to calm your nerves and help you to focus on the importance of the day. We don’t necessarily mean sitting on the floor cross-legged and chanting, but basic forms of meditation can help you feel balanced and relaxed. Whether you’ve meditated before or not, take a few minutes on your own to relax and think about all of the positive things in your life. Visualise your partner and remember why you’ve chosen to marry them. Think of your guests, all of your friends and family that love you very much and are joining you today for something so special. Perhaps you have an exciting honeymoon booked or a you’re looking forward to your wonderful reception. All of these are positive thoughts, and positive thinking helps to make you happy, healthy and calm.

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7 – Allow yourself to be spoilt

It’s easier said than done, but try not to do everything yourself and ask for help with things. Whether you’ve chosen a wedding planner or you simply ask your friends and family to help with things, try not to do too much on the big day itself. If you don’t have a wedding planner, you may find yourself having to make/receive many phone calls on your wedding day with suppliers confirming things and deliveries. Pass your mobile to your closest friend or maid of honour and ask them to deal with things. Make a list the day before with contacts and supplier details and delegate certain tasks. Ask the best man to take care of any other heavy duty tasks, and you should always ask your venue to ensure that their in-house event team deal with things on the wedding day. You have enough you worry about with hair appointments, make-up etc. Don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily, you’ll find that people are more than happy to help out.

8 – Write your other half a letter

Whether you can grab 5 minutes to yourself or take pen to paper while you’re having your hair done, write a love letter to the love of your life. Write down everything you’re feeling on your wedding day, telling them exactly why you love them and why you’re so excited to marry them. If you’re not so good with words, Google is a great source of inspiration with beautiful love poems online. Write these down, or to make things even easier, why not buy a greeting card in the shops that simply says “I Love You”. Once you’ve finished, ask someone to pass it to your better half before the ceremony. How romantic is that!

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You see! We told you that wedding day preparation could be fun! Ultimately, you just need to sit back and think about the things that make you happy.

Happy wife, happy life!

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