The 35 Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses With Pockets!

Wedding dresses with pockets are becoming more and more popular in the bridal industry - check out our gallery for examples and inspiration!

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There are a whole world of details and features that women have to decide on when trying to choose the perfect wedding dress for their big day. And as they say, it really is the little things that transform the average to the extraordinary. In this gallery, we’re going to show some of the best dresses available – in a range of styles, but all with one common feature: pockets.


This particular feature is ideal for any bride wanting to feel a little more comfortable on her wedding day, whilst also maintaining a great sense of style – pockets are inserted very subtly into the gowns, and are often hidden in larger skirts, or in looser, flowing gowns. This trend is becoming more and more popular in the wedding industry, particularly amongst millennial brides, who value practicality and utility just as much as beauty and design. Readers looking for more practical designs may also enjoy our gallery on sophisticated wedding suits for brides.

You will be able to stylishly pose with one hand in your pocket if you choose one of the dresses in the gallery above for your upcoming wedding. Take note, and be inspired by these 35 gorgeous designs.

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The 35 Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses With Pockets!