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The cash wedding list with the best rates.

Your gift list, your way

With the online wedding giftlist at Zankyou you can easelly create your list of gifts and receive the imports directly at your account. Easy, comfortable and safe. With Zankyou, you will have an elegant alternative to giving the account number: send your wedding list to your guests with the ideas of gifts that really make you happy: the honeymoon, decorating the house, a contribution to a humanitarian organization...everything is possible! Zankyou is the leading list in Europe. With more than 3,000 opinions of satisfied brieds and grooms and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot, it is the safest option for your big dayl. It is key that your guests have the best experience when giving your wedding's gifts. With Zankyou you have that guarantee. Try it now!

Create your gift list

and add your favourite, or customised items

Share it

with your guests so that they can contribute

Transfer your money

directly to your bank account as and when you want it

Add it to your website

Gather all your wedding day information on your free website: itinerary, maps, hotel suggestions, RSVP, etc., and avoid lost invitation calls! If you would like to create a personalized website, you can customize it with trendy designs, set up your own domain, add some background music and much more!

The most popular gift ideas

Add the coolest gift ideas to your list and receive the cash equivalent in your account.

A romantic dinner
Plane tickets
A diving course
Donation to an NGO
Coffee maker
Decorative vase
Fine cutlery

100% cash

You will receive all contributions in cash, which you can transfer directly to your bank account to spend on whatever you would like. You can send thank you notes straight from your mobile, and you can download a breakdown of the contributions received. Discover the simplest and best way of handling you wedding gifts!

Premium Service

Zankyou guarantees total security with payments. Your money is always held in your name and complies with all European safety standards. Our payment portal is international and supports revenue from all over the world in the currency of your country and its most popular payment methods: credit/debit card, bank transfer, cheque, etc.

The best rates

We offer the best rates:
100% cash: Each contribution has a service cost of 2.4% + 0.85p and for premium customers 2% + 0.50p per present paid.
You choose who pays the fees: you or your guests.

Find out which gift list is made for you!

Classic Premium
Handling fees 2.4% + 0.85p 2% + 0.50p
Transfers to bank account 3 7
100 free cards with the URL of the list
Possibility to choose who handles the fees
Option for guests to contribute over the phone
Sending thank you messages directly from the list
Wedding website - 1 year of unlimited access
More than 50 unique and customisable designs
Detailed wedding itinerary including maps
Photo album with no storage limit
Share music and videos
Save the date
Hotels suggestions
Arrange tables
Send personalised messages to guests
Unlimited personalised sections (wedding blog, etc.)
Include widgets (weather, countdown, etc.)
Advanced privacy (access code, etc.)
Personalised domain (without "")
Exclusive design templates
HQ photo album
Background music
Visits statistics
Premium help for your guests
Exclusive website, with no Zankyou logo
Downloadable version of the website

App available on iOS and Android

Do you have any questions?

Find all the information you need, and start creating your space with Zankyou

Why is Zankyou safe to make the payments?
Our service is managed by Lemon Way, a hybrid payment system that guarantees the management and control of any and all financial flow. Your money is always in your name, and the platform complies with all security standards mandated by European electronic trade regulations.
How can I add gifts to my wedding list?
It is a fictitious wedding list since you have no obligation to buy them. First of all you will create a list of gifts you wish and that you can use. You will have an internet address that you can share with your guests. They will access your internet address and be able to give you wedding gifts online. Then you can transfer the ammount of gifts to your bank account and spend it on the whay you really want.
Why is it useful for my guests?
You will find everything you need to know about your big day: how to get to the venue with maps, nearby hotels you can book, replies from RSVPs, and contributions to presents, amongst a whole host of other things. Share all the information for your marriage in one click!
Why choose Zankyou instead of sending my bank account to my guests?
It will allow you to directly receive your guests' contributions in cash, in a much more personal way. Alongside the money, you will receive a personalised congratulations message, and we know that your guests will love to feel that they are giving you something you will like.

You can choose the currency that suits you


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