Wedding Hairstyles from 5 different eras - bring back or tatty trash?

Be hairstyle inspired with 5 styles from past era's for your 216 wedding! Mix and match, play and prepare to create the most original and complimenting hair style for your wedding.

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We have all dreamed about what we will look like on our wedding day, the dress, what type of shoes, where the reception will be hosted but the most thought about and important detail comes down to the overall image of the bride!

So you’ve picked your dress, you know the shoes, you want to wear a veil or tiara for definite but what will you do with your hair, a style that is popular, comfortable, up, down…there are so many. Have you thought about re inventing or introducing something from a past era, its a very popular option and can offer lots of options meaning you can incorporate all the themes, ideas, styles, accessories that you wish, all into one look that will look fab and not drab.

Your wedding day is a long and interactive one, where you will be meeting and greeting a host of guests, having photos taken, sitting standing, dancing and so it must be a priority that your hair style compliments and lasts throughout the whole day ad celebrations.

Going all the way back to the swinging 60’s through to today’s foot loose and fancy free wavy styles of 2000’s. Here is a video to inspire and demonstrate five very easy ‘to do,’ long lasting and impressive hairstyles. The styles are suitable for every type of bride including your hair type, dress, veil, tiara and colour. Simply decide which is the most attractive, complimenting, inspiring and suitable for you, your hair and wedding day and get practising.

This could simply inspire you and you can of course mix and match different ideas and styles to create a really bespoke hair do and image for your special day. What’s more, they are quick and impressive styles, not only for the wedding day. The day after when removing all your hair pins and accessories you have a ‘ready made’ effortless style for breakfast with your friends and family, that’s what we call ‘making the most’ of something!

Let us know which is your favourite and most inspiring?


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