60 different yet ideal bridal hairstyles to complete that perfect bridal look for 2016

Wedding hairstyles to make your guests’ hair stand on end on your wedding day in 2016

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Congratulations on your engagement to be married!!! Now the fun really begins with the planning, organising, searching but most of all thinking, thinking some more and then even more! We all know that really the first and foremost thing on your mind as a new ‘bride to be’ is the dress and overall image. The image as a whole is one of the most important things to us brides and so we start thinking automatically about the dress, hair and make up.


This includes accessories, styles, colours, how the dress fits and sits on you and so having to think about a million and one things plus how you will look and be photographed on the day requires some serious attention.

There are 1001 ways to style your hair, whether it be styled up, tussled down, the bridal side bun or the most recent and popular fishtail plait. You have to think about the attention to detail, you will want a style that compliments you and your face shape, but also the dress and something that will hold and be beautiful for what will be a long day full of continuous paparazzi style photos by friends and family.

There are also a bundle of themed styles to consider such as vintage, classic, modern, sophisticated and daring hairstyles but ultimately you will choose depending on the all important dress. In addition, this extensive gallery will also inspire you if you plan to do a pre or post wedding photo shoot with ideas and poses.

If you just can’t get enough of this inspiration, then check out some more fab trends for 2017 wedding hairstyles!


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60 different yet ideal bridal hairstyles to complete that perfect bridal look for 2016