Bridal Style: Top Ways To Wear Your Hair Down On Your Wedding Day

If you are a modern, natural and simple woman, don't miss these 25 bridal hairstyles. Choose your favourite!

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If you’re getting married soon, sure enough you will already have chosen your wedding dress, along with the shoes and the accessories. One of the last things to decide now is how to wear your hair on the big day.

Up-do hairstyles have always been a popular choice for brides, yet as the boho-chic trend is growing more and more popular, brides have started opting for a more natural, free flowing hairstyle, such as natural curls. Another trend that’s popular this year is the use of hair accessories. From flower crowns to passed-down vintage clips, wearing your hair down on your wedding day is certainly not the boring option.

Take a look through the gallery and find 25 exciting ways to wear your hair down on your wedding day!

And for even more inspiration, check out our video on the top updo hairstyles for 2019!

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