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How To Stay Calm On The Morning Of Your Wedding Day

Wedding morning jitters are something that every bride experiences, but they can become a real issue if left unchecked. Here, we provide the very best tips in helping to banish those worries in time for your walk down the aisle!

How To Stay Calm On The Morning Of Your Wedding Day
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Most of us struggle to make it through the morning commute without losing our cool, and so it makes sense that even the thought of an event as momentous as a wedding is enough to set off those nerves – let alone the day itself! Nerves before a wedding is something that every bride in history has experienced, so you’re not alone, but this anxiety can be a serious problem for some people on their wedding. But not to fear – we’ve determined these five top tips to help you through those last-minute jitters, and make the walk down the aisle a piece of cake.

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  1. Music is key


Find a record that you’ve loved since your childhood, and have it playing in the background as you get ready. The familiar words and rhythms will be a comfort, and will keep you feeling upbeat as you’re preparing. Silence will only help you to overthink – the very opposite of what you want to be doing an hour before you’re exchanging vows. Another option is to put on the music of a singer or band that you and your soon-to-be spouse have enjoyed together – whether at home, or at one of their gigs. It’ll help you reflect on the best of times, and soothe those nerves.

  1. Keep the circle close

We’ve all seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and the absolute havoc of having too many people rushing to get ready in one place. Banish anyone who is not absolutely vital to their homes or hotel rooms – if they’re not painting your nails, or doing up the buttons on your dress, you don’t need them! That being said, we recommend that you keep your friends close – and your mother closer. If she can be at your wedding, then there’s no one better to guide you through one of the most important days of your life.

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  1. Total media blackout

Phones off please ladies! We don’t need to know whose child is having a tantrum at the church, or that everyone’s favourite uncle has forgotten the batteries for the video camera. Your wedding day is the perfect occasion for a digital detox – an opportunity that doesn’t come around often.

  1. Tea please, we’re British

If none of the above are working, we recommend an English classic that hasn’t let us down in centuries – a steaming cup of tea. Earl Grey, Green and Camomile tea are all a safe choice, releasing natural amino acids that are scientifically proven to relax us (although at Zankyou, we also acknowledge that a similarly relaxing effect can be found in a small glass of prosecco or champagne!)

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  1. The big picture

A wedding is a culmination of months of dedicated planning, and years of dreaming about the perfect day. We’ve all seen the movies, and heard the stories, and so the pressure to make your nuptials flawless can feel overwhelming. Therefore, if you’re still feeling the stress, give yourself a few seconds, and reflect on the reason for all this anxiety: you’ve found someone you love enough, that you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life by their side. Remember that beyond the cake and the photographer and the venue, your wedding is not for anyone else – just the two of you.

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We hope that these tips will help keep you relaxed, and that you and your partner have the most wonderful day!


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