How To Organise A Hen Do: 6 Tips From Us

The lead up to a wedding is an exciting time. And if you’re one of the bride’s chosen ones, you’re in for a week of fun, for sure! But before fun, as in any case, you need to do some good, thoughtful planning! As we know, there is so much to organise and it’s important to do it as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

From creating a guest list and choosing a theme, to deciding on the venue, below you’ll find some of the best tips to help you plan the ultimate hen do for you, your girlfriends, and the special bride.

  1. Create a list
  2. Come up with a theme
  3. Consider an activities weekend
  4. Keep the bride-to-be away from drama
  5. Don’t forget your camera

1. Create a list

The very first thing you need to do is create a planning list. This will include absolutely everything you are going to need to enjoy the ultimate hen do. Ensuring you have everything planned in advance will help you to relax more on the actual day/evening. Remember to factor your budget into the list as the little things can really add up. This will then help you create that ever important guest list. Perhaps ask the bride who she’d like to invite and who not. Ensure you have contact details for everyone to keep them up to date with plans and timings and make sure everyone has your mobile number in case of emergencies on the day.

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2. Come up with a theme

The best parties often involve fancy dress and no hen do would be complete without a good costume. The hen do is often a chance for women to let their hair down, so if dressing up is for you, then have a look online and in your local fancy dress shops and see what’s available within your budget. Why not make it seasonal… a halloween costume for brides having a hen do in October or early November would be lots of fun.


3. Consider an activity weekend

Activity weekends have gained popularity over the past few years. If the hen do is going to include colleagues, friends and family, there will be many people who don’t know each other. It helps to plan a few activities that everyone can take part in to break the ice. However, remember that some members of the party may have trouble with some physical activities if they are older members of the family or if they are pregnant. You need to come up with activities that will suit everyone. Perhaps a weekend abroad in the sun would be a popular choice!

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4. Keep the bride-to-be away from drama

As you would expect, hen do’s can often turn into drama fuelled affairs. The amount of alcohol consumed throughout the day/evening can often lead to potential problems. Lost property, disagreements and self induced illness are all a possibility. Be sure to keep the bride to be away from any drama, otherwise it could ruin their party and the atmosphere for everyone else.

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5. Don’t forget your camera!

Whatever you end up doing, don’t forget to take your camera! You’ll want to document the hen do so you can all look back on it and remember what a laugh you had. Be sure to capture some fun video moments too… Karaoke always makes for a good social media moment.


Overall, organising the hen do can be a stressful process, but if you follow the tips above it will make life much easier. Don’t forget to ask the bride to be what she wants too. After all, this is her party. Enjoy!

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