YolanCris presents their romantic and rocker bride style wedding dresses for 2016

A fashion catwalk presented by YolanCris for their new collection for 2016. These dream dresses will have you imagining what walking up the aisle will belike in no time!

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YolanCris is a Mediterranean soul brand, full of inspiration and a deep love and passion for good unique fashion. It was created by sisters Yolanda and Cristina Perez and the family duo are the designers and founders of the brand.

YolanCris designs and creates haute couture wedding dresses and men’s suits and has has accumulated over 10 years experience. Noted for its original creations and innovative design, giving a paramount improvement to the final product to provide a high-Quality, made to measure garment for each individual customer.

With a team of great professionals, the beauty and quality of its products have secured presence in over 35 countries and more than 350 outlets. This Product has a harmonious blend of creative design and the use of exclusive high-end fabrics. Each dress takes many hours of manual work and traditional couture techniques by hand. All these precepts make YolanCris a firm that makes unique dresses for women expressing themselves through fashion and quality in an elegant yet modern way with charisma and style.

A perfectly paraded collection that introduced to us several styles that we were left in awe of. The first part of the collection named Orchid, presented very romantic wedding dresses, where above all, there were many strapless necklines. There was a touch of distinction with embroidered detail, bouquets of violets cascading from the top around the bust. YolanCris, which celebrates its tenth anniversary, opted for a more alternative rocker bride image.

A catwalk that left us thousands of trends for all tastes, shapes, styles and fashions.

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