Be a Bridal Empress at your 2016 wedding in an empire style dress

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Who said there is a ‘more important’ planning part of a wedding, you, the Bride and of course the most important part, at the beginning is finding the dress!! You have the wedding date, so you know the season, you will more than likely have in mind, if not have actually decided the wedding date and so you know what time of year and (country dependant) what the weather is ‘supposed’ to be like, so the style should be easy!

The advantage of marrying in 2016, after all of this years weddings of friends, family and work colleagues means you have a great heads up on the trends, triumphs and failures that you will not repeat! These could be fashion faux pas or basic wedding etiquette but what’s the biggest fashion decision you have to make…the dress!!!

You know what you don’t want, which is a good start, but what do you want?! You are unsure of the type of design choice, colour, designer, length, detail, well basically everything! But do not panic, there is time and our fabulous gallery of empire style wedding dresses will be sure to introduce you to some styles that you will find impossible not to love!

The Empire style wedding dress offers a simple yet very romantic image, it is characterised from the top and the detail of the shape and style continues the whole length of the dress, giving it, its infamous name. It is created with smooth, draped fabric, forming a straight skirt that follows one same line or in several layers. These dresses are highly recommended for women with all types of figures.

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