How to Organise A Wedding When You're Pregnant

Each season we see thousands of brides struggle to juggle all the tasks of organising a wedding. From the big decisions to the delicate details, it's not easy... Now, imagine doing that while pregnant!

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Each season we see thousands of brides struggle to juggle all the tasks of organising a wedding. From the big decisions to the delicate details, it’s not easy… Now, imagine doing that while pregnant! It’s not an exaggeration to say you’re going to need lots of help, but there’s also a few more things you can do to make sure you keep stress levels at a low, while also planning the day you’ve been dreaming of for years. Check out our top four tips now!

  1. Hire an expert
  2. Learn to relax
  3. Downsize your wedding
  4. Choose a look you feel comfortable in
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1. Hire An Expert or Ask A Friend

Getting help may be the best way for you. Although we’ve seen some beautiful DIY weddings, if you’re worried about organising, you should be realistic and keep things simple. 

First of all, create a calendar that details the different stages of pregnancy with the planning of the wedding. It is the best way to balance everything and not lose track. In this calendar, set realistic goals that take into account your budget, your free time and who is able to help you. If you’ve already hired a wedding planner, they’ll be sure to give you a helping hand too – that’s what they’re there for!

Of course, if you have kind and talented friends who want to lend a hand, ask them! Trying delegating some tasks to those you’re closest with, after all you can trust them, they probably know you better than you know yourself!

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2. Learn To Relax

Although the wedding is important, the little one is on the way and he or she takes priority, so you should not neglect your health. For this, the hiring of professionals who manage the entire wedding, as well as the help of your relatives is key, as it will reduce your stress levels, and mean you can take the time to sit back more and look after yourself.

What could be of help is taking the time to attend classes especially dedicated to pregnant women. Meditation, yoga or pilates classes are a great way to take your mind away from the organising, and let you have some calm time to enjoy your pregnancy.

Do not neglect your diet either. Have fun whenever you can, stay active, clear your mind and rest when you need to; Distract yourself so as not to think totally about the wedding by spending time with your closest friends or having ‘me’ time.

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3. Downsize Your Wedding 

If you’re expecting, perhaps hosting a smaller event may be perfect for you. If you’d prefer to be surrounded by only the people you’re closest to on your big day, then get in touch with a wedding planner near you and start planning a smaller affair. There’s no pressure to host The Best Party Ever for your wedding day. Getting married means doing what YOU want to do, and people will never judge, especially if you’re expecting a little one!

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4. Choose A Look You Feel Comfortable In

It’s important to understand that a pregnant woman doesn’t have to look like she’s not pregnant. Being pregnant is a blessing, and if you want to show off your bump on your wedding day, do so! There are many brands that design dresses for pregnant brides, and our best bridal retailers will adapt their designs to any shape or size. Take a look at our hand-picked selection of dresses: 30 Stunning Dresses For Pregnant Brides!

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