How To Announce You're Pregnant At Your Wedding

Surprise your guests with these original ways for you to annouce your pregnancy. Which one will affect your guests the most?

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There are some social protocols that have long been forgotten, meaning it is no longer a strange sight to see a heavily pregnant bride on the day of her wedding. If you know that this will be you, why not make the most of one of the most important days of your life by announcing the big news to all your loved ones? In this article we show you how to go about this. Without a doubt, this must be one of the best surprises you could have hoped for.

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With a Video During The Day

Images and music are enough to make anyone’s heart melt, and even more so if the subject matter concerns the birth of a little baby. Announce the news to your guests with images about your recent pregnancy, songs, testimonies, or even by addressing them directly. By relying on the power of the audiovisual you can make the announcement more dramatic with effects, music and photographs that will arouse more emotions.

You can also produce a video that talks about your relationship, with photographs and memorable moments that are captured through various stills, and then conclude it with a new episode about your little baby that is yet to be written. Your guests will love this!

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With The Help of Your First Born

For several years now, a lot of couples make the decision to get married after they have started a family. Others take the plunge  and reveal the news during the wedding, as they already have at least one child. Therefore, it is a thoughtful idea to have the eldest of the family, announce that they are going to be a brother or sister! The guests’ hearts will melt and the little one will love being the centre of attention. If there is more than one child in the family, all the siblings can make the announcement together at the same time.

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Special Cards Given During The Meal

In the same way as giving a gift, several couples choose to give their loved ones a card with a drawing, photograph or sentence that announces the arrival of a baby into the family. In fact, this option would be perfect for a wedding as the cards could be attached to the wedding favours and could be given during the meal. With this little extra touch, your wedding guests will not only have a fond memory of your wedding, but also of your announcement, in the middle of your special day.

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With the Invitation 

As we already know, invitations have replaced the restrictive norms and formalities that were used in previous decades to inform guests about your wedding. Now, invitations are the easiest way of informing your older relatives and friends that you’ve set a date! So, as you know that everyone is going to be receiving a replying to your invitation, why not use it to announce the news that a future family member will be joining you throughout the event?

If you are about to send out your invitations, and are thinking maybe against this, remember that it will certainly be obvious on the big day. So do it beforehand! In your invitation, you can include photos of the first ultrasound, a subtle and charming way to announce the news, or with a text you have prepared that articulates beautifully the future that awaits you.

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Let The Pregnancy Speak For Itself

At Zankyou, we’re big fans of surprises and, even though, we support the creative ideas proposed above, we also suggest that you leave your guests speechless with an unexpected announcement. Clearly, if several of your loved ones are not yet aware of the the big news, they will be shocked when they see your big bulging pregnant belly.

If you want the surprise to have an even bigger effect, conceal your belly to the people you see every day with loose clothing and then show off your pregnant glow when you walk down the aisle. This walk, if it is a success, will give your guests something else to talk about, other than your beautiful wedding dress.

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Choose the option you prefer and plan to surprise your guests in a unique and memorable way. Even before this baby is born it will already have a wonderful story to its name, without even being implicated in the way it was carried out. 

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