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  • Dreamlines Sketches, they are as dreamy as they sound! Here is how to become Husband of the year.

Dreamlines Sketches, they are as dreamy as they sound! Here is how to become Husband of the year.

A hand drawn, personally bespoke wedding memory that your bride and wife, can and will cherish forever. A truly unique gift.

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Congratulations on your engagement!  Next stop, planning your wedding which you are probably already busy with. Couples, families, friends and husbands to be are often lost at the idea of a ‘gift’ for the bride, well if you have stumbled upon the big question, we can safely say we have the most original and unique idea that will make you husband, friend or mum of the year. How does a hand drawn sketch of the wedding dress and suit, that you could give to your spouse-to-be on the wedding day sound? My Dreamlines is an extremely talented company of artists who draw fabulous sketches of wedding dresses, suits, bouquet and so much more for you. We highly recommend these absolutely unique sketches as wonderful wedding gifts! Here, we have the priviledge of asking Nikki Gentry creator and owner herself how it all began…

Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch

How did Dreamlines begin?


I started the business in 1997 when I was planning our wedding for the following year. My Aunt, Penny Altmann, who is English and now lives in France created a bride and groom for our wedding invitations. A few years later I started creating stationery using her sketches and artwork for clients. During this time a bride asked if we could sketch her wedding dress.  We took on that project and realized we really have something special.

savePenny Altmann
Penny Altmann


What is Dreamlines?

Dreamlines is a global company that will receive photos of couples in their wedding attire. Those photos are then used for a Dreamlines artist to create an interpretation. A Dreamlines style sketch is whimsical, sexy, and the essence of a brides wedding dress.  The finished piece of art is placed in a custom made frame, which we are extremely proud of as the frames really compliment the art. We have created an amazing gift idea that will take the couple’s breath away.

Do you create the sketches yourself?

I really wish I had that creative side, but I sadly am not talented in that area what-so-ever. I have my Aunt, two other artists and an art mentor to help make all of this possible.

saveCatie Stricker Howell
Catie Stricker Howell


saveLeigh Cardwell
Leigh Cardwell

What is your most gratifying part of Dreamlines?

I love knowing that the wife is going to receive this amazing gift that was well thought out by her husband. A gift that he knew would take her breath away, a gift that makes him her amazing hero in her eyes. I also love receiving the emails where the men rave about how happy his wife was and how we made him this hero, as well as from the wives who were truly blown away with a one of a kind piece of art.

saveDreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch front and back
Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch front and back


What is your favorite type of sketch?

I love when the sketch request is the full front and full back of the wedding dress.  No suit, bouquet or veil, but all wedding dress. A bride has been dreaming of this special day since she was a young girl, using a pillow case on the back of her head as her veil. This is the most magical day of her life and to have a piece of art to commemorate this magical day is just so perfect.

savePresented Sketch
Presented Sketch


What is your favorite testimonial?

This is my favorite testimonial, because I strive for her breath to be taken away and for him to be husband of the year. “We just received your amazing work of art! Its absolutely beautiful!!! My wife thought the packaging was so wonderful, and when she pulled out your sketch, she screamed! then cried, then screamed some more!! Well done, you made me husband of the year! 🙂 Thank you, thank you.”

Jonathan, Scottsdale, AZ

So if you are looking to be husband of the year, or your future wifes hero, then look and think no further. A true, hand drawn, personally bespoke wedding memeory that your bride and wife can and will cherish forever. A truly unique gift. 


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