Wedding gift lists just got great with Zankyou, fun, easy and all in one place.

Five food blenders, nine glass cut vases, a gold handled cutlery set or cash in an envelope. No, we are not listing prizes from ‘The Price Is Right.’ These are all the typical gifts that you may well end up with after your wedding day.

Although the times have changed and we are in 2015, there are still people who choose to give unwanted or unnecessary wedding gifts. Let’s face it, it’s always nice to open a gift but more than often they don’t serve any real use and they end up becoming professional dust collectors.

You might think that in-store gift lists are the best option, but that’s where we can safely say, you are wrong! You’ll probably still have to deal with a catalogue of crappy suggestions, constantly receive suggestions for uninspired gifts and what’s more, you’ll have to deal with multiple stores that offer the service and endless queries regarding your gifts which is added stress you just don’t want or need whilst planning your wedding!


The gift list idea should be fun and hassle free, for you and your guests otherwise it will just add to the already ridiculously long list of ‘things to do’ for the wedding. Really, you want the best possible service available that helps and does not hinder.

Zankyou offers a wedding gift list service and an option to create a FREE wedding website, having everything in one place. Not only can you plan, organise and manage your wedding with Zankyou, with the directory of professionals and magazine for inspiration you can also find the perfect wedding dress, caterer, photographer, decorator and many more for your wedding.

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You can also set up your wedding list with us. With Zankyou you can create your online registry with products from any store. A truly digital wish list that makes the run-up to your wedding so much easier and stress-free.

How does it work? Easy! Just register on Zankyou, create a free wedding website with us (here are some demos) then activate your Wedding Registry. After that, it’s time to get creative! You can select gifts from our vast catalogue of ideas or create your own gifts, by choosing the photo and assigning a price and a short description.


The beauty of our online wedding registry is that you don’t receive physical gifts, you receive the cash equivalent directly to your bank account which you can spend with total freedom. Whether you need a new sofa, want money to go towards your honeymoon or you are saving for the arrival of your first child, you can do whatever you want with the money you receive

Zankyou’s rates for receiving gifts are some of the lowest on the market, at 2.85% + 0.99p per transaction. These can be reduced to 2.25% + 0.50p for customers with the premium registry pack.

So say goodbye to all the problems that come with a traditional registry and hello to an easy wedding planning future, All you need is Zankyou!


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