5 Reasons Why You Need An Online Gift List

Still haven't decided what to do about a gift list? Never fear, we're here to help! Here you have the top reasons to create an online gift list with Zankyou.

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After months of planning your wedding and inviting your loved ones to enjoy your special day, it’s always lovely to receive a few gifts. Although most couples don’t expect anything more from their guests than their attendance, they tend to become overwhelmed with presents and tokens of gratitude from well-wishers. Modern couples, however, are trading in the traditional method of receiving presents for something easier and a lot more practical.


Whether they already have a home together and don’t want a traditional registry, or they just fancy being more savvy with organising their wedding, 350,000 couples worldwide have already signed up to Zankyou’s personalised wedding website and gift list service. It’s simply the best way to get all of your guests in one place and to ensure they don’t worry about bringing a physical gift to the big day.

You create the website, and you decide what would you would most love your guests to spend their money on. Whether it’s cash to decorate your first home as newlyweds, some appreciated donations towards your honeymoon, or a particular item you have been dreaming of for years, you can sort it all out through Zankyou. Then, you’ll receive the cash rather than the actual gift.

Here are 5 more reasons why a gift list is the best option for your wedding:

1. Do away with unwanted gifts

Think about the Christmas or birthday presents that over the years you have received, collected and not used. Now times that by 10 for your wedding! Since the average number of guests to a wedding is 100, you can expect to receive at least 60 physical gifts on the day if you don’t make prior arrangements.

Asking for cash is far from ungrateful. In fact, it shows that you are providing options for your guests to really make an impact on your lives as newlyweds, so that their money goes a long way instead of being spent on household items or other gifts that you may never use.

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2. Fund your honeymoon

In recent years, millennial couples have been devoting so much of their time and money to planning the wedding of their dreams, that the funding and the planning of their honeymoon is often neglected. It seems harder these days to get the money together to do both the wedding and the honeymoon in one hit, not to mention securing the time off work!

This is why savvy couples are asking for contributions to their honeymoon fund as part of their gift list with Zankyou – guests would absolutely love to contribute to one of the most exciting travel experiences of your lifetime.

Another modern trend is the mini-moon, a shorter city break holiday that can be enjoyed straight after the wedding until the couple have saved enough money and time to embark on the big honeymoon. This is also the perfect thing to add to the cash registry on your personalized wedding website.

3. Your guests can choose too

As we’ve said, a cash registry does not demand that all your guests pay up – it’s just there should they want to contribute to your new lives together, and believe us, they’ll love to!

Guests have the ability to choose how much they spend or contribute, and what item on your list they would most love you to have. They can personalise their contribution with lovely messages, which you can print and keep forever. A gift list may be online, but it is still just as personal, and means everyone can use it from the comfort of their own home.

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4. It’s SO much easier

Did we mention that a gift list with Zankyou is a lot easier?

As we are an international company that is present in 22 countries, our services are available in 9 languages and guests can make gift contributions in 11 currencies. This means anyone can get married, anywhere, with expert help right at their fingertips. For international couples, inviting guests from around the world has never been easier.

There are many options for arranging your registry, too. For a more traditional registry you can choose from a variety of different brands that offer household items or experiences, as well as 100s of designer labels.

5. It’s quick

It only takes 2-3 business days to transfer your money from Zankyou into your paypal account. This time period is for Zankyou to check the security of your payments, and since we handle over 1 million gifts a year, you are guaranteed a great service.

Our website is quick and easy to use, with simple instructions and a live chat service. There is also an app, so you can manage it wherever you are from your phone. Creating your personal wedding website is completely free, and you can put everything on there from your arrangements and travel directions, to your all-important seating plan. It’s also fun – design the website yourself and add your favourite photos!

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So, we hope we’ve persuaded you that a personalised website and gift list is most certainly the way forward for your modern wedding. It’s easy, practical and the best way to ensure that all of your lovely guests can choose to put their money towards everything that you’ll need in your new life together.

Organize your online cash registry with Zankyou, the most visited wedding portal in the world.


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