Original wedding gift ideas for couples that have everything!

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It’s always tricky to know what to give couples as a wedding gift. Unless the couple have chosen a specific gift list with a department store, or they’ve been clever enough to choose Zankyou’s cash gift list so they can buy what they like, then where do you start?!

Is there a rule as to how much you should spend, and should you buy wedding related paraphernalia? Well, that choice is down to you I’m afraid. Ultimately if you’ve been invited to their wedding then surely you must know at least one half of the couple and what type of things they might like? Are they into DIY? Do they have a specific hobby? Perhaps they enjoy travelling…. we’re not helping are we?

OK, so let us try and help. If the wedding couple don’t have a gift list but you’d still like to get them something original, then our gallery is packed full of unique gifts that all couples will love. We have gifts for couples that love travelling, home lovers and foodies. We even have gift ideas for keen gardeners and those that enjoy a tipple or two.

Choose one of these gifts and you’ll definitely be invited back to their anniversary party!

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