Be original with these unique Valentine's Day gifts - Something for everyone

Love it or loath it, this Saturday is Valentine’s day. This love filled occasion which was once an important celebration of love and romance has today turned into something a little too cliched and commecialised. Am I cynical? In this case yes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the act of showing someone how much you love them or the idea of romance as a whole. I’m a huge romantic… I write for a wedding magazine for goodness sake!

I just think that it’s all too easy to go out and spend £2,000 on a diamond necklace for someone or £100 on a bunch of red roses. Don’t get me wrong, if that’s what they love and that’s their favourite thing, then great, but if it’s just to splash the cash for the sake of it, don’t bother. Showing your love for someone isn’t about how much you spend, it’s the thought you put into choosing the gift. Believe it or not, us women aren’t always impressed with something super expensive (but sometimes we are… yes, we’re extremely complicated).

Having said all this, I should put my money (pun intended) where my mouth is. I’ve chosen some beautiful and very unique gift ideas for your Valentine. All under £100 too! Whether they’re a foodie or a fashionista, I’ve got something for everyone!

Foodie gift ideas:

If your lover loves food as much as they love you, then a food related gift is the way to go. Yes, you could book dinner in a top restaurant, but why not go one step further and get them something personalised for their kitchen collection, a subscription to a supper club or a cooking course that you can do together? They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, so why not make it extra delicious!

Personalised wooden spoons: Auntie Mims via Not on the High Street
Personalised wooden spoons: Auntie Mims via Not on the High Street
auntie mims1
Personalised egg cup holder: Auntie Mims via Not on the High Street
Recipe club subscription: The Spicery via Not on the High Street

Fabulous Fashionista Gifts:

If your better half has a passion for fashion then they are really going to have a keen eye on what you buy them. To ensure that their gift doesn’t trump yours, why not get them something super stylish this Valentine’s day. A personalised make-up bag will make them think of you every time they re-apply their lippy or perhaps they’d love to make their own lip balm, keeping their lips looking luscious for whenever you you’re ready to pucker up. Be chic not cheap this year!

alphabet bags
Personalised make-up bag: Alphabet Bags via Not on the High Street
quirky gift library
Cashmere socks: Quirky Gift Library via Not on the High Street
sweet cecily's
Make your own lip balm kit: Sweet Cecily’s via Not on the High Street

Heavenly treats for a romantic home lover:

Whether you enjoy a romantic glass of wine in your back garden, snuggling up on the sofa or spicing things up in the bedroom, home is where the heart is, so why not bring a little romance into your love nest this Valentine’s day. If you’re a keen gardener, how about planting some seeds together and watching your love blossom? Or perhaps you enjoy breakfast in bed at the weekends? Then make it a little extra special with a romantic love note on their own breakfast tray. Keep the eggs on your toast and not on your face!

bee friendly seeds
Plant your own love seeds: Bee Friendly Seeds via Not on the High Street
catherine colebrook
Personalised love note breakfast tray: Catherine Colebrook via Not on the High Street
Personalised cushion: Tillyanna via Not on the High Street

Add some sparkle with some cute jewellery:

No need to sprint off to Tiffany’s, jewellery is all about making things personal. Whether you’re choosing something with your beau’s birth stone or getting something engraved with an important date, this is where the thought really does count. If like Ross and Rachel he’s your lobster, then tell him so with some stylish lobster cufflinks. Don’t just tell someone you love them to the moon and back, tell them via these cute earrings!

burman morgan
Lobster cufflinks: Burman Morgan via Not on the High Street
carole allen silver jewellery
Perfect match necklace: Carole Allen Silver Jewellery via Not on the High Street
Moon earrings: Wue via Not on the High Street

Gifts for the hard to buy for:

Whether they already have everything (because you’re such a generous partner) or simply because they’re not keen on all of that romantic slushy stuff, then you need to think outside of the box. Think cool, think different and stay calm. These unique ideas are perfect for the ice-maiden in your life or for the man that simply has everything. Perhaps I’m being harsh, maybe you just want to be completely wacky and original this year, in which case, how about a personalised train ticket print, with your favourite quote? Or perhaps you want to keep it simple and let them know that you love them more than chocolate and Benedict Cumberbatch (if that’s possible) on a cute coaster, because let’s face it, some people may be difficult to buy for, but everyone loves a cup of tea.

Personalised train ticket print: Of Life & Lemons via Not on the High Street
Personalised coaster: Coconutgrass via Not on the High Street
the green gables
Create your own date jar: The Green Gables via Not on the High Street


You see, all cool, all unique and not a love heart in sight… well, almost.

Happy Valentine’s!


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