30 Poirier Bridal Lingerie Sets: For Sensual & Elegant Brides

Discover Poirier's sensual and serviceable lingerie collection - the perfect way to assure a smooth silhouette under any garment, no matter how tight. Think good-quality, luxury pieces that support and smooth out all the important areas on a woman's body. Perfection!

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As important as choosing the perfect wedding dress, is choosing the right lingerie for your wedding day. The undergarments are the foundation for any outfit, and determine whether or not the outer garment fits comfortably to the contours of our body. When we try things on, we often don’t take into account that we must try the appropriate lingerie that best suits the design in question. If we had to think of a lingerie designer that is perfect for every type of woman and has very sensual and alluring designs in their collections, we would undoubtedly be thinking about Poirier. In this gallery we’re showing you 30 Bridal Lingerie Designs from Poirier in which you are guaranteed to look sensual and very elegant.

Their designs are romantic, comfortable examples of high-quality craftsmanship and made with luxurious fabrics. Lingerie sets almost hot to the touch, fine lace and satin bras for women who enjoy wearing dresses so fluid that they adhere to the skin. To go with such garments, Poirier has created a line of bodys and culottes that are undetectable under clothing. In addition to all this, and thinking about women who really want to enhance their busts on such a special occasion, the wonderbra line is perfect. In white, cream or nude, a great variety of sets from which you will find the right one for you, as well as spectacular robes and kimonos – perfect for the bride to wear when getting ready or even on her wedding night.

Start your wedding day off right with a good lingerie set because it’s as important as the rest of the look, and you need to know how to choose the right pieces for you. Poirier’s Bridal Collection is the perfect option for any bride looking to feel confident and beautiful on her wedding day.

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