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Pronovias 2017 wedding dress collection: the best designs for your wedding day

Enjoy our selection of the best Pronovias wedding dresses 2017: perfect designs for all types of brides. Unique and put together with the 'savoir faire' that characterises the brand.

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Bridal fashion lovers and wedding industry insiders alike are primed for an unmissable event just around the corner – Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, where top national and international designers will be presenting their new collections for 2017. One of the legendary bridal fashion houses showcasing their 2017 collection is Pronovias, a Catalan company that creates the most amazing dream dresses.


Days before the big show, the brand allowed others a glimpse at their designs available for brides next year in its flagship store and online. And just like every season, there’s so much inspiration to take from both their Atelier haute couture outfits and the rest of their extensive collection. In this post we have the pleasure of giving you a look at the best designs for your wedding day, so keep reading for the Pronovias wedding dresses 2017.

For Atelier Pronovias  2017, the head designer French couturier Hervé Moreau has created sensual flowing lines with light materials that give a contemporary feminine silhouette, all with comfort at the forefront. In presenting its new designs we saw truly exquisite creativity at work, with overlapping delicate fabrics playing a key role in the collection, and patterns that enhance beautiful silhouettes such as empire, classic mermaid and voluminous skirts that feature heavily in the new collection.

The first design, Eda, is an empire cut with a flared silhouette. The square neckline is embellished with precious stones in beautiful floral motifs. The skirt is light and airy culminating in a small train.

saveEda, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Eda. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017

Among the most outstanding designs that we’ve selected, Elideth is an A-line wedding dress in which you can really appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of guipure lace mixed with tulle. This halter neck dress is an extremely flattering wedding dress especially for women who want to show off their shoulders. Eitana is another one of the designs that shows the elaborate craftsmanship involved in creating this stunning bridal collection. This romantic empire silhouette wedding dress has a chic bateau neckline in chantilly. Elena meanwhile is a mermaid wedding dress with floral embroidery neckline in tulle and lace chantilly.

saveElideth, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Elideth. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017
saveElena, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Elena. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017
saveEitana, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Eitana. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017

The jewel of the 2017 Atelier collection though is this design, Edith, a spectacular wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline and mermaid silhouette. Made with a combination of chantilly lace and breathtaking embroidered rhinestones throughout, its finest touch is provided by the overskirt incorporating the design and bringing a touch of sophisticated elegance. A real gem!

saveEdith, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Edith. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017

In keeping with the elaborate fabrics, Elvira is a stylish, sensual and unique outfit – a mermaid cut made of guipure, tulle and lace that defines a sophisticated woman. Victorian-inspired, it is a wedding dress with long sleeves and a swan neckline perfect for women with a slender neck, and would be ideal to wear with an up do bridal hairstyle.

saveElvira, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Elvira. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017

Elmira is a princess cut satin skirt wedding dress with an ornate baroque bodice with precious stones, chantilly and semitransparent long sleeves. The flair for attention to detail is heavily evident in this elegant design, as seen in its beautiful chantilly illusion neckline.

saveElmira, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Elmira. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017

The collection also includes a series of designs composed of simple lines with unique details such as closed necklines that have a focus on show stealing sensual backs.

The first of these is Edrei, a short sleeved mermaid style wedding dress with rhinestone details and a bateau neck sewn in a figure hugging lightweight crepe. Another winning design in this selection is Emelia, a simple dress with a teardrop rhinestone topped neckline at the back providing its wow factor. The third of these, Elia, in much the same vein as the other two, features sleeves detailed with rhinestones and semi-transparencies.

saveEdrei, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Edrei. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 20177
saveEmelia, Atelier Pronovias 2017.
Emelia. Credits: Atelier Pronovias 2017
saveElia, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Elia. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017

The Pronovias 2017 collection is composed of quality materials, with some of the garments hand embroidered with gold and silver, a style that they have evolved over the years. A huge range of styles are offered to suit a myriad of brides, from airy and dreamy designs that create sensual movement, to more elaborate voluminous skirts. From modern to classic styles, they’ve got it all, with crepe, chiffon, lace and paillette really stealing the show. Sexy and daring ornate backs and transparent panels make this collection a diverse mosaic of styles fit for the most special day in a woman’s life.

The first is one of our favourite designs, Orville, a short sleeved mermaid cut V-neckline wedding dress. It’s a perfect dress to stand out form the crowd without being too much, thanks to the dainty embroidery on sleeves and waist which give a special touch. Orquidea and another two similar looks that we have selected, have designs that bring back memories of royal weddings. Orquidea itself is a long-sleeved dress with embroidery on the cuffs and from the shoulders down to the hips, blending into the fine crepe that brings the whole dress together. Olbia and Olalde are very similar but with different details – sexy mermaid silhouettes made of crepe with lace details on short sleeves and necklines featuring tulle.

saveOrville, Pronovias 2017.
Orbille. Credits: Pronovias 2017
saveOrquidea, Pronovias 2017.
Orquidea. Credits: Pronovias 2017
saveOlbia, Pronovias 2017.
Olbia. Credits: Pronovias 2017
saveOlalde, Pronovias 2017.
Olalde. Credits: Pronovias 2017

Orobia is one of those designs that will make a unique impression. Composed of a gauze skirt in an A line silhouette and an elaborated bodice with guipure and a V neckline, it’s a bohemian inspired dress with elaborate ornamentation, similar to the Oseleta, which differs in featuring a lace bodice giving way to a skirt that ends with a train.

saveOrobia, Pronovias 2017.
Orobia. Credits: Pronovias 2017
saveOseleta, Pronovias 2017.
Oseleta. Credits: Pronovias 2017

Odilita is an empire cut dress that combines a flared style with a lace body with a delicate lining. Flaring out from the high waist, this dress is reminiscent of the Elizabethan era.

saveOdilia, Pronovias 2017.
Odilia. Credits: Pronovias 2017

Meanwhile crepe, silk, satin, lace and chantilly, and intricate applique also make an appearance in this design called Olmedo. An elegant and classic princess dress with a beautiful jewelled belt combined with tulle and rhinestone details.

And last but not least, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to show off one of the shorter wedding dresses included in the Pronovias 2017 collection, a perfect design for a civil ceremony or something more casual. Inspired by the 50s, the Olga wedding dress is very sweet and feminine, with a bateau neckline and a tea dress length voluminous skirt made of fine lace.

saveOlmedo, Pronovias 2017.
Olmedo. Credits: Pronovias 2017
saveOlga, Pronovias 2017.
Olga. Credits: Pronovias 2017

This incredible collection can not be compared with any other, continuing as it has in the commitment of Pronovias to make the dreams of all brides in the world come true.

If this selection of dresses has got you excited, just wait until we show you the complete collection straight from the catwalk in a few days!

Book in for an appointment to get your hands on one of these beautiful Pronovias 2017 wedding dresses at their London flagship store and at  The Wedding Club.

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