Something Old For Your Something New: The Best Vintage Jewellery

Delve into the family jewellery box at your parents’ house and put some of that vintage jewellery to good use. Vintage jewellery pieces are perfect for brides today and will complete your look beautifully. Discover how in this gallery.

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What most women look at when we see a bride is her dress, but once it’s been closely inspected we turn our attention to every other little detail that complements the whole style. For a winning look accessories are the key and there are loads of bridal accessories to choose from. However you still need to stop and think about whether your wedding dress style will mesh well and complete your dream look for your big day. In this gallery we are going to show you unique bridal jewellery with a vintage air, perfect for a 20s bridal look.


The vintage jewellery trend is a hot one, and beautiful pieces can often be found in antique shops as well as national and international markets. Add a touch of vintage elegance to complete a bridal look for extra style points. To be unique go for a brooch from your grandmother, earrings, maybe a pearl bracelet with an antique silver clasp. You could even incorporate the latest statement earring trend into your vintage inspired look. If you are lucky enough to have a family heirloom why not make good use of it?

Check out this vintage jewellery gallery full of amazing pieces. You simply won’t be able to resist getting you hands on some to complement your look on one of the happiest days of your life.


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Something Old For Your Something New: The Best Vintage Jewellery