Five Fabulous Favours from Arrovi Bodas

Looking for some practical wedding favours? How about these 5 suggestions from Arrovi Bodas - a company with almost 30 years' experience in the wedding sector and an online store with goodies for everyone!

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The guests at your wedding play a huge part in your big day and we’re sure you’ll want to show your gratitude for coming to the wedding, for the gifts they’ve given you and for just being with you at such a special time in your life. We think practical and useful wedding favours are a firm favourite among wedding guests. So here are 5 suggestions from Arrovi Bodas‘s online gift shop.

1. A photo album

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Image: Arrovi Bodas

These albums are perfect and guests can keep them as the perfect souvenir of your wedding. You can personalise the design and add photos, write comments and even add details from the menu.

2. Tie-shaped bottle opener

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Image: Arrovi Bodas

This is one for the gentlemen. Practical and useful, this elegant bottle opener will hopefully be a constant reminder of your big day for your guests.

3. Useful accessory set

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Image: Arrovi Bodas

This wooden box holds three very useful accessories – a pen, some nail clippers and a keyring.

4. A cute compact for the ladies

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Image: Arrovi Bodas
saveCompact mirror wedding favourLearn more about “Arrovi Bodas”
Image: Arrovi Bodas

These little compacts are really useful to keep in your handbag. The two designs here are very different – one more vintage style, while the others are perfect for a colourful, boho-style wedding.

5. A fan

saveFans wedding favoursLearn more about “Arrovi Bodas”
Image: Arrovi Bodas

It’s no surprise that Arrovi Bodas is a Spanish company when you look at this favour. Perfect for summer weddings, adding that touch of the exotic while being very practical if you’re lucky enough to have a scorcher, a fan is a great gift and your guests will be waving them throughout the day and beyond.

With 28 years of experience in the wedding sector, Arrovi has a team of experts who work hard on a daily basis to provide the best products at great prices.

Check out the Arrovi Bodas online store for its wide range of products, including invitations and favours for weddings, christenings and all other kinds of celebrations. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Arrovi’s customer services team on the information below.

Contact Arrovi Bodas
Website: Arrovi Bodas
Address: Polígono Indus. “La Escandella” Nave 1 03698 Agost (Alicante, Spain)
Tel: +34 965 692 110


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