Best Coloured Wedding Dresses For 2018 Brides

Thinking about bucking the trend and not wearing white for your big day? Here are our suggestions for 2018 brides.

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For almost two centuries, white has been the customary and unquestioned bridal colour for brides in Western cultures. During the Victorian era it became popular after Queen Victoria wore a white dress when she married her husband, Prince Albert. Since then it has become accepted that any colour that deviates is abnormal. But, while the traditional white has the appeal of sentimentality, for 21st century brides, it’s time to step outside of the norm and opt for something a bit more you.


It doesn’t have to be too extravagant, it can be whatever colour you wish. But to get you started, here are our alternatives to white that you can wear on your wedding day. For those who are tentative about breaking from tradition, don’t worry these options will let you ooze elegance and style.

The rippling fabric and delicacy of pastel pink is the perfect way to cast an ethereal glow as you glide down the aisle, just look at these options from Needle and Thread and Marchesa Couture. On the other hand, wearing red is a great way to incorporate classic glamour, whilst the black numbers from Oscar De La Renta and Lanvin let brides make a statement. Only the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker have dared to wear black to their wedding, are you courageous enough? In order to evoke all things bridal in a softer way than a harsh white, a champagne gold can provide an appealing alternative and is complementary for all spectrum of skin tones and hair colours.

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Best Coloured Wedding Dresses For 2018 Brides