The Top 5 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding

The joining of lovers is always a cause for celebration, and the months leading up to a wedding are such a joyous time for a soon-to-be-couple. While many weddings honour rituals by staying traditional, recent generations are leaning towards the trend of combining tradition with creativity and embracing customisation, letting them showcase their own personal style, tastes and passions as a millennial couple. And, as your wedding day is a day that you’ll be looking back on for the rest of your life through your photo album, it’s an event that you won’t want to be anything less than your idea of perfect. 

While you may not want to go too crazy by getting married in a bizarre location, or opting for a dress-code that really challenges wedding day traditions, you may want to make a few more subtle changes so that you can really add your own style to your day. Luckily then, the experts from Taylor and Hart, have let us in on 5 exciting ways they think you can personalise your wedding to fit YOU.

The Rings

Rings are arguably the most everlasting element of a wedding when it comes to personalisation. Every wedding begins with an engagement ring that symbolises each couple’s commitment. Online wedding planning affords lovebirds more creative freedom than ever before. Imaginative couples can design their own custom engagement ring like this one featuring magical unicorn horns as homage to the couple’s love of fairy tales.

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And if whimsical references aren’t your thing, you can design almost anything your heart desires. Another way to customise your special rings is to include an engraved inscription message or a signature gemstone. Today’s couples are incorporating more personal sentiment into their rings as a way of capturing their unique love story.

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Photo: Taylor & Hart

The Stationery

Your invitations can incorporate the theme colours of the wedding, but the palette is not the only customisable element. Play with styles, sizes, textures or typography and think of your wedding stationery as a preview of things to come.

Selecting your stationery can create a moodboard that inspires the rest of your wedding plans. And don’t forget your thank you notes, which mark your first communication as a happily married couple.

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The Dress

One of the most exciting wedding details is, of course, the dress. Women all over the world dream of their future wedding dress and a customised dress is now more accessible than ever before. In the theme of sentimentality you can incorporate your favourite colour, your grandmother’s lace or your partner’s initials in the design. Millennial brides are opting towards to idea of buying their dress online and customising it to their own taste later with the help of a seamstress.

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The Favours

If you want your guests to have a memento from your wedding that truly feels personal, then wedding favours are the first things that spring to mind. Use your imagination to design those little customised gifts that your wedding guests will treasure. Sweet treats can come wrapped in festive packaging, decorative boxes with your name and wedding date inscribed on them, or engraved photo frames with your initials.

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How about creating a sachet of a customised spice blend for your guests? Everytime they feel the spices in between their fingers, they will think of you. The best way to man’s or woman’s heart is through their taste-buds…

The Drinks

Met over gin and tonics? Create your very own signature cocktail incorporating your favourite flavours, spirits, colours or garnishes, made by a top mixologist, for your guests to enjoy. Why not think of designing your own wine labels for your wedding feast? Hiring a graphic designer to create your label is a great way to capture the special essence of your day and can be kept as a keepsake.

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Photo: Taylor & Hart

These are 5 simple, but super personal ways to make your wedding something that really represents you and your partner. Nothing too drastic, just simple changes that can make a big difference! But they don’t stop there, take a moment to think about what you’d like to customise and dare to let your imagination soar!


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