Coloured Bridal Shoes For 2018: Bring Your Wedding Look To Life

Put some colour into your bridal style by choosing one of these coloured bridal shoes that you will surely make you fall in love!

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The bridal shoes often get overlooked when you think about your wedding day look. If you’re planning on wearing a floor-length dress you may think that the shoes won’t matter so much as nobody will see them either way. But, they’re an important part of the look, and can become a big part if you wear the right ones!


So, we present you with 25 coloured shoes that you can wear on your wedding day to give a splash of colour to any bridal look. Perhaps if you’re insistent on wearing a white dress but would love to wear some colour too, this gallery is perfect for you.

From pastel tones for those who want to wear colour without being too flashy, to bold colours that will undoubtedly steal the limelight. From the classic sandal style to peep-toes, from embroidered shoes to printed, we’ve got it all.

Don’t stick to the rules and dare to opt for a little bit of colour!

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Coloured Bridal Shoes For 2018: Bring Your Wedding Look To Life