Bridal Hair Tutorial: The Perfect Updo - Video

Bridal Hair Tutorial: The Perfect Updo - Video

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Another day, another DIY bride-to-be looking for inspiration for her big day.


Bridal hair and make-up is an expensive thing. The moment you walk into a salon and tell them that you’re a bridesmaid or bride-to-be, prices get remarkably higher. Totally unfair! We appreciate that a bride’s hairdo has to be impeccable and has to be the best hair of her life, but we also think that with a few hints, tips and easy tutorials to follow, we could save you hundreds of pounds… literally!

Whether you’re a dab hand with a hairbrush or have a friend or family member that is willing to learn, this fantastic video by the girls at Bride De Force shows us how to create a stunning updo, suitable for brides and bridesmaids alike. Simple to create with a few practice runs and a bit of enthusiasm, we think you’ll have lots of fun practicing on each other!

Whether you’re a blond, brunette or red-head, this classic yet boho-chic updo will work with so many different styles. Perfect for summer brides with a rustic or vintage theme too!

Why not tweet us a photo of your hair trials and let us know how you got on! Did you find it simple or was it a bit of a hair-mare? @Zankyou_UK

Video Credits: Bride De Force via Youtube


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