30 Alternative wedding dresses. Forget the typical big white dress and be yourself!

If you are tying the knot and want to do it with some style, check out this gallery of the 30 most original wedding dresses which will allow you to inject some personal style into your wedding day. Which look will you go for?

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Traditionally, the world of weddings is about etiquette and the done thing, but over the years we have seen that it’s changing. Weddings are no longer just full of guests that couples are obliged to invite, it’s now perfectly acceptable to have a more special intimate do without having to add family members you barely know to the guest list. The venues are also different. It’s not just a cute chapel or church; couples are choosing to get married on beaches, farms, family homes and even botanical gardenssettings that were previously unthinkable. The same goes for wedding themes and decor, which are now more about injecting a bit of personality to your day. With all these changes, brides to be are also opting to go for an outfit that reflects their personal style and is a little different to the typical big white meringue dress. In this gallery we’ve put together 30 of the most original, alternative wedding dresses, to celebrate your day in style.

This is not to say that we should say bye bye to the princess cut dress. Not at all, because they still look damn good, but not every bride wants to go traditional. Bridal hair dos are also moving away from the old school styles towards a more natural style such as braids, allowing more room for brides to incorporate their personal style into their wedding day look. We think getting married in a trouser suit and adding a splash of colour to your outfit may be unconventional, but it’s just as beautiful! So in this gallery we’ve included short, leg baring dresses which are perfect for a Spring wedding, voluminous skirts combined with sweaters for that edgy look, and for brides who want to ditch the veil we’ve added some cool headwear too.

Dare to look different on your wedding day! Check out this gallery showing 30 of the most original wedding outfits, allowing you to be yourself on your big day!

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