Five elegant and attractive alternatives to a traditional Bridal veil

Check out these five elegant alternatives to a traditional bridal veil. Choose a beautiful and unique headpiece for your special day!

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While many brides don a flyaway, fingertip or chapel veil for the big day, others may decide that this tradition doesn’t fit in with their personal style. Today, the options for customising your wedding look are limitless, and the dizzying array of options for those who want something different may be overwhelming. We’re going to explore five elegant alternatives to a traditional bridal veil to help you choose a beautiful headpiece for your special day. 

1. Jewelled Hairpins

Whether it’s an ornately decorated comb crowning an elaborate up-do or a simply chic embellishment tucked-in to a low bun, there are gorgeous hairpins to suit nearly every bride. Pearls and crystals are popular choices, but this is an excellent way to feature one of your other weddings colors. A ruby-colored ornament would offer an elegant pop of red nestled in your chignon or softly waved tresses.

saveJewelled Hairpins
Jewelled Hairpins

2. Feathered Fascinators

Fluffy white ostrich feathers can add height and drama, while a spray of goose or rooster feathers may add vintage flair to your bridal hairstyle. Feathered fascinators are a festive, fun choice for the vivacious bride with unique style.

saveFeathered hairpieces
Feathered hairpieces

3. Bird-cage veils

Since the return of many vintage fashions, birdcage veils have enjoyed a resurgence in the last few years. Sophisticated yet simple, it’s a versatile choice that never competes with your wedding gown for the spotlight. They are easy to arrange and wear, and suit a variety of hair lengths and styles. Birdcage veil designs range from barely-there wisps of netting to flamboyant creations of feathers, silk flowers and pill box hats.

savePhoto: tocados_le touquet
Photo: tocados_le touquet

4. Flower Crowns

Brides searching for a headpiece to complete their bohemian look should consider a flower crown. No longer confined to weekend music festivals, this is a lovely option for woodland weddings and other romantic settings. White blooms against a wreath of greenery adds a feminine, ethereal elegance and pairs well with soft sheath and column dresses.

savePhoto: Elena Fleutiaux Photographie
Photo: Elena Fleutiaux Photographie

5. Headbands

Sleek and chic, bridal headbands are available in a variety of widths, materials and textures. In addition to satin, lace, and rhinestones, they may feature beading, precious metals, crystals, or flower and vine motifs. They may be worn across the forehead like a circlet or used to gently push your hair back from your face.  Many headbands are easy to affix to your hairstyle and simple to store. Elegance couldn’t be easier!

savePhoto: Ernestine et sa famille
Photo: Ernestine et sa famille

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