What kind of bride are you? Find your perfect dress with Maggie Sottero and Sottero and Midgley: for brides with personality and elegance!

We bet that on that wonderful day you got engaged up to the day you actually went dress shopping, you never realised quite how much choice there would be for your dream wedding dress, right? Us girls all have a clear idea of how we want to look on that magical walk down the aisle, but with the wedding dress world being a minefield of silk, beading, and lace… to find that perfect dress becomes somewhat more challenging! To lend a helping hand in the search for “the one”, here we present the best designs from the Maggie Sottero and Sottero and Midgley collections!

Maggie Sottero

The designs from this brand are some of the most versatile out there! Not just because you can personalise them, but also because they are designed with the tastes of every woman in mind.  Consisting of some of our favourite sillohuettes- from the princess style to more of a mermaid look, with plunging necklines and others less so- there really is that dream dress for every bride!

Every girl dreams of their wedding day and how fabulous they´ll look (even the more sceptic among us!) It´s the moment where you can feel more beautiful than ever; your day to shine! To be the center of attention and of course, to be looking gorgeous!

As well as the classic white gowns, or in champagne and cream, now, coloured dresses are having their moment of fame! We´re talking about gorgeous dresses with tones of blue, or blush! For those brides who love to be unique and is always hot on the latest trends- as are the colours of Pantone 2016: Quartz Rose and Serenity Blue.

It´s important to note that the Maggie Sottero designs have a lot of emphasis on the necklines- front as well as back! For those brides who want personality in their dresses with just a touch of the daring, but who also want to be comfortable without compromising elegance for their big day- these are the dresses for you!

The fabrics used in a Maggie Sottero design are second to none! The lace, the silk, the embrodiery and the tulle… each and every detail is selected with the upmost of care and placed with careful consideration and thought so that your dress is nothing less than exactly how you dreamt it would be!

Sottero and Midgley

If you fit the profile of the sophisticated bride, and one that likes beading and embroidery work for your dream dress then this is the one for you! Here we give you the intel on the most exclusive designs of the Sottero and Midgely brand!

It´s all about the necklines with these stunning designs! Depending on the kind of look you´re going for, you´ll be better suited to one over the other. However, there´s always the option of going for a stunning backless number– very in fashion at the momet. A plunging back-line, whether it´s a deep v or less so, will always be attention grabbing and is hugely flattering for the feminine figure! It allows a seductive look without giving away too much. Could this be the look for you?

And then we have the more classic necklines where depending on how big or small chested you are, you´ll rock certain styles over others! A sweetheart neckline for example isn´t always the best choice for very large chests, or the other end of the spectrum! But then a deep plunge is perfect for some, and higher necklines look gorgeous on others! And lastly, illusion necklines! A gorgeous and sensual look without giving too much away!

So when choosing your wedding dress, make sure you really think about the type of woman you are, and the kind of bride you want be! It´s all about really knowing yourself so that your wedding dress allows you to be the best version of you on the biggest day of your life! Don´t be afraid to play around with different styles and shopping around; the idea is to ensure you feel your best and most beautiful! 

Whatever dress you choose, you can be sure that each and every design from the Maggie Sottero and Sottero and Midgley collections are sensual, feminine and elegant! Find your perfect dress between them!

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