Top Tips From Italian Wedding Planners For Your Dream Destination Wedding

Top Tips From Italian Wedding Planners For Your Dream Destination Wedding

To continue our theme of destination weddings in gorgeous Italy, we've narrowed the process of finding a wedding planner down to three simple steps, complete with recommendations that will inspire you

Top Tips From Italian Wedding Planners For Your Dream Destination Wedding
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Many couples are put off by the difficulties that come with planning a destination wedding. They worry that organising the logistics of a wedding abroad would be much more stressful without the ease of meeting local providers and seeing venues closer to home. However, with a destination wedding planner in your chosen location, the whole process is even easier than planning a wedding locally, and the benefits are SO worth it. 

Yet, there are so many wedding planners out there, which even makes the first step of choosing the right one for your wedding a little difficult. So, to continue our theme of destination weddings in gorgeous Italy, we’ve narrowed the process down to three simple steps, complete with recommendations of Italian wedding planners that will inspire you:

  1. Check for available planners
  2. Consider your preferred style
  3. Meet planners before deciding
Photo: Paola Repetto Consoli

1. Check out the available wedding planners in your chosen location

Organising a fantastic destination wedding is a result of careful research. Research your chosen area, whether you have been there before or not, to see which wedding planners are local to the area and what they can offer you. A native wedding planner is always preferable to bringing one over from home, since they will have a better network of local providers, venues and services, as well as being able to take care of the legal requirements for getting married in Italy.

Luckily, Zankyou has an online presence in 24 countries, so we have an incredibly large network of wedding planners all over the world that you can choose from. Simply google ‘Zankyou Spain’ or ‘Zankyou Italy’ and it will take you to our foreign sites (Ireland, India, Mexico, Colombia, France, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Portugal, United States… to name a few) with large directories of wedding planners across the country.

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Based in Milan, Serena Colavita of Italian Style Weddings and Events specialises in welcoming destination wedding couples from all over the world, and showing them the very best of Italian hospitality, with a great network of high-quality providers. Her attention to every fine detail and her willingness to adapt to each couple’s needs makes her a desirable planning candidate for weddings not just in Milan but across most of Italy.

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Photo: Serena Colavita – Italian Style Event and Wedding
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Photo: Serena Colavita – Italian Style Weddings and Events

If, however, you’re set on Italy for your wedding, but still not sure on the location, check out Med inStyle Wedding Planner.

By creating a tailored wedding for you and your partner, these professional work with you every step of the way. If you’re looking for a ceremony on the beach, or in front of the island of Li Galli, an ancient nineteenth-century villa with access from the sea or a romantic wedding inspired by the timeless myth of the Dolce Vita, live the your special day completely stress free by relying on the expertise of Med inStyle.

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Photo: Med In Style
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Photo: Med In Style

2. Consider your preferred style or desired theme

No two weddings are the same, that’s a fact. So before you start booking all the details of your big day, such as your wedding planner, decide on your preferred style and theme. Your wedding day is about YOU, so let your personality shine through your venue and decoration choices. For example, if you’re seeking city elegance, then look for a wedding planner who operates within a city and has a sophisticated aesthetic to their portfolio of events.

So, if you are looking for a casual city wedding in the centre of Italy, choose a wedding planner like Le Bonheur. Based in Rome, the job of “Le Bonheur” is to make the event as stree-free as possible for her couples. Months before the big day, our company of wedding planners consult with the bride and groom, recommending vendors from beginning to end. It all comes to life when the event happens flawlessly.

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Photo: Le Bonheur

Alternatively, for a rustic-chic or vintage lakeside wedding, consider Lake Como Bespoke Events. They’ll set up a really beautiful al fresco ceremony for you, one that overlooks Como’s vast waters and rugged landscape. The best thing about these wedding planners is the list of incredibly pretty and luxurious hotels or venues that they offer their clients. They will also go above and beyond to make your wedding as unique as possible, you could even arrive to your ceremony or reception by speedboat!

Photo: Lake Como BESPOKE Events

3. Meet/talk to a few wedding planners before deciding

Being able to entrust the total planning and logistics of your event in the hands of a wedding planner not only relies on what services they offer, but also on your relationship with them. If you spend time getting to know them in the initial consultation, then you will easily be able to work out which one is right for you. So, it’s important you speak to a few of them before deciding on the one. Make sure they’re friendly, helpful and easy to get along with – you’re going to be spending a lot of time with them!

The mission of Luisa Di Massa  as a wedding planner on the Amalfi Coast is to offer her undivided attention exclusively to each couple, taking their initial idea or wedding dream and carefully turning it into a reality. Her English language skills and her experience working for destination wedding couples will definitely make you feel comfortable entrusting your big day in her skilful hands.

Photo: Luisa Di Massa

The professionals at Valentina Franci have always been passionate about organising special events and it shows in their creations. Full of the emotion between the couple, they create a day with an unforgettable atmosphere. Valentina befriends all of her clients, so much so that you feel like you have been friends for years and years.

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Photo: Valentina Franci
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Photo: Wedding Mood

Similarly, Marta from Wedding Mood befriends all of her clients. They believe that no two marriages should ever be the same. Based in Rome, you’re guaranteed to get a beautiful backdrop for your first day as newlyweds.

The moral of the story? Don’t plan a destination wedding without a local wedding planner who can take care of the nitty gritty for you!

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