Max Mara Bridal 2019: A Collection Designed For Every Type Of Woman

A return to traditionalism, but one that is fascinated with authenticity, elegance and a hint of noncomformity. Check out the new Max Mara Bridal range exclusively with Zankyou.

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Love is capable of awakening all of our perceptions, and releasing our most profound emotions; it is a simple, essential and instinctive feeling that is most deeply expressed through marriage (whether civil or religious). And it is precisely the purity of its essence that makes it universal: every woman, from the young bride who is getting ready to take this big step, to the mother whose dream of family is finally realised, to the man who finally understands that it is never too late to say yes to the most romantic of love. Max Mara Bridal provides for the former group, here offering a collection designed for every type of bride who, on the most special day, desires to remain true to herself without giving up on an extra charming touch.

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Max Mara Bridal

Max Mara Bridal is a part of the brand Max Mara, which since debuting in 1951, has become synonymous with the quality concept of Made in Italy. Thanks to their collective experience in the years since, and knowledge gained, the wedding dresses of this collection are able to reflect the tastes and personal styles of women all over the world so that they look perfect, and feel at ease – even on their wedding day.

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Max Mara Bridal. Tulle dress.
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Max Mara Bridal. Silk Georgette Trousers.

The wide range of Max Mara Bridal gowns include and express every facet and variation of femininity, to answer the wishes of all brides. How? By combining precious materials, refined technique, great sartorial savoir-faire and practical, elegant and modern lines. The result? Hugely romantic dresses that are also modern and reflective of the current trends – whilst never losing their originality, refinement and personality.

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Max Mara Bridal. Devore Velvet Dress.
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Max Mara Bridal. Envers Satin Crepe Dress.

The secrets of the Max Mara Bridal 2019 Collection

Carefree, “dishevelled”, against the current, a mix of tradition and innovation, a fusion of minimalism and attention to detail, and simply suprising. There is no one singular word that can be used to describe the Max Mara Bridal Collection for 2019. Empire cut dresses, classic mermaid and princess cuts, but also short dresses with a vintage flavour, maxi jumpsuits and “mod” looks are accompanied by a set of accessories designed for every bridal look: biker style jackets for a rock touch on a minimalist or romantic outfit, for example, and an endless collection of shawls, headpieces and veils. Each piece is a specially-designed garment that can be worn not only on the wedding day, but in the future – at a party, at dinner, or even in the office.

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Max Mara Bridal. Silk and Organza Duchese Dress.
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Max Mara Bridal. Silk Georgette Dress.
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Max Mara Bridal. Devore Velvet Dress.

The 2019 Collection by Max Mara Bridal is ecclectic, sublime and alternative, and this variety of style and character can be seen in the seven different influences and inspirations behind their design:

  • Perfect Bride for the most romantic bride. Minimalist and timeless dresses for a bride with a very Max Mara look!
  • Charleston Chic. Fringes and sequins reflect the femininity and dynamism of women who just love retro fashion.
  • Old School Elegance. The luxury of the early noughties, but with its own spin. The “Italian style” cut is present in every thread of these dresses, that speak to the past whilst looking to the future.
  • Chelsea Girl. Short, contemporary works of art for brides who love the spotlight, but take it gracefully, reflecting the chic attitude of the 1960s.
  • Modern Minimal: for nymphs, goddesses, halfway between divinity and humanity, but also the 1940s Hollywood superstars, who were at once ethereal and elegant.
  • Rebel Bride: short dresses, midi-gowns, jumpsuits and a biker-influence. Reminiscent of the 1980s glam-rock style, these gowns are alternative interpretations of pure romance.
  • Fondent Fancy: some say no… to white! Short dresses in pastel colours that recall the refinement of the 1950s, and stand out on the bride’s big day.
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Max Mara Bridal. Dress in Embroidered Tulle.
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Max Mara Bridal. Dress in Pleated Georgette.
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Max Mara Bridal. Cady Dress.

The entire Max Mara Bridal 2019 Collection can be purchased in selective Max Mara boutiques, but also on the website in the special Bridal section. An exclusive “wedding concierge” service will be reserved for future brides – this means a specialised set of staff will help you choose the perfect outfit, down to the very last detail. And most excitingly, the bridal collection will be available from the flagship store in Bond Street in London that opens in October 2018.

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Max Mara Bridal. Feather Fascinator.
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Max Mara Bridal

Still undecided? Don’t worry: Max Mara Bridal will take care of your wedding dress!


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