All You Will Need To Organise A Destination Wedding in 2021

Want to mix modern style with emblems of the decades before? Find out who to contact for your 2021 wedding!

All You Will Need To Organise A Destination Wedding in 2021
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Reading the mood of the nation, it would be easy to surmise that we all cannot quite believe that it is already the year 2020. If there is one thing we have learnt, though, it is that we cannot stop time and we cannot stop change. As with both fashion and interior design trends, wedding trends change with the time. We have seen many modern weddings employ rustic motifs (which unsurprisingly still loom today), as well as vintage emblems which speak to the most memorable aspects of our parents’ generation in the worlds of weddings…

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Luca Bottaro

In 2020, we will see many of these trends recycled, as with the sustainability movement that characterises the focus of our nation; we will also see a heightened interest in city weddings. As more and more of us move toward the UK’s big cities, it is without doubt that bridal couples will begin to transform old-standing city buildings into floral infused wedding locations! Another trend that has been on the rise since the early 10’s is the flux of couples opting for destination weddings, and it is difficult to see this losing popularity in the next few years, at least! Luckily then, we have done our research, and have spoken with some of the most 2020-ready wedding suppliers overseas. Read on to find out who can help you host a wedding that speaks to your traditional values and your optimism for the roaring 20’s!

Credits: Couple Creative Photo
Credits: Couple Creative Photo

Couple Creative Photo could take care of the photography on your wedding day. The photographic duo has a history in journalistic and artistic reportage which greatly influenced their way of photographing. Their style is modern and essential. You can expect their pictures to be emotional, elegant and with a strong focus on details. On your special day, they will capture all joyful and spontaneous moments combined with their own flair.

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Natan Photography
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Antonio Micelli

Perhaps ones of the most important parts of organising a wedding is making sure that you have a wedding photographer whose style you admire and who allows you to enjoy your day, knowing that at the end of it you will have a brilliant wedding album you can look back on in the years to come. In recent years photojournalism style photography, like that of Natan Photography and Antonio Micelli has dominated wedding photography trends. Taking candid shots of the best and natural moments of your wedding day means that both Antonio and Natan give the illusion that they weren’t even there! This style will still be at the height of fashion in 2020, but we predict that we may also see an interest in portrait wedding photography, which was fashionable in the late 20th century. Both Luca Bottaro and Samantha Capitano Photography mix this style of photography with that of photojournalism, so you have a choice of styles which you think will best capture the atmosphere of your wedding day!

Raffaele Vestito Photo&Portrait are another wedding supplier who we recommend for your wedding day! They manage to find the ideal balance between perfection and originality, which, based on your preferences and availability, are used to create a customised package for you to remember forever!

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Raffaele Vestito Photo&Portrait
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Samantha Capitano Photography

Bridal make up trends also see change, and in 2020 we predict that bridal make up will stay relatively minimal as we look to wedding dress trends (using embroidery and such fabrics) to make a statement. One make up trend that we do see being toyed with in 2020 is the lipstick colour, and finish. A matte bold lip is super on-trend for 2020, while the rest of the bridal group’s faces are natural and minimal. Laura Make Up, who has more than 15 years in the business, is constantly keeping up with wedding trends, so you can be sure to be in safe hands with her! Equally, io amo il mio parrucchiereare a dynamic team focused on giving their brides the look they want, whether that be minimal or bold!

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Laura Make Up
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io amo il mio parrucchiere

Wedding stationary and flowers have also been aspects of wedding organisation that has changed much over time. Gone are the super-regal cream coloured motifs… 2020 paves the way for super-sleek details that reveal just a little of the overall theme of the wedding day! The Wedding Letters di Laura Mazzetti‘s designs are very indicative of the 2020 style – sleek calligraphy speaks to a new age of modernism. Laura’s love for calligraphy started when she was about fifteen and in 2007 she finally turned her passion into her job. She gets her inspiration from both American and Anglo-Saxon weddings and innovates this in a creative way.

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The Wedding Letters di Laura Mazzetti

Another major detail you will want to include on your wedding day are flowers. You can get your flower arrangements from  Blue Rose Events di Simi Maria Cristina. They often create using a dominant flower with pastel-colored supported flowers and smaller bouquets. With passion and experience, this team creates different and unique flower combinations, time after time. They listen to your wishes and know how to translate them into details when it comes down to the floral arrangements for your grand day.

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BlueRose Events

All these stunning decorations won’t mean a thing when the bride and groom are not there to show up in their most gorgeous outfits. If you’re looking for a wedding dress, then MORE di Morena Fanny Raimondo might be the place for you. Based in Palermo, you will happily find the perfect dress here. The team customizes all dresses. We guarantee that you will find a dress if you want something classic, original or just of high quality. If Palermo is a bit too far away for you, you can always stop by in the atelier in Rome or London.

Credits: MORE di Morena Fanny Raimondo
Credits: MORE di Morena Fanny Raimondo

Catering will also undoubtedly see change in the next decade. As more and more people opt for a more plant-based diet, it is up to the catering companies to match this demand. One of our favourite wedding catering suppliers in Italy is Mencarelli Group. They present beautiful placed platters which are never left empty! Another thing that we see featuring in 2020 weddings is couples selecting suppliers who fulfil more than one of their wedding day wishes. With companies like RM Glamour Receptions, couples receive much more than what they bargained for. Providing an elegant and refined reception with refreshments and dinners (big or small, light or heavy), these professional teams work with diligence and creativity like no others, and the team at RM Glamour Receptions, for example, work in some of the most splendid locations in Italy – a real hot spot for millennial weddings!

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RM Glamour Receptions
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Mencarelli Group

Beside catering, the music is something we cannot forget when thinking about a wedding. It sets the mood and makes the event more personal. Gruppo Arechi Entertainment is the right choice when it comes down to music for your wedding. The type of musical formation they offer are singer, duet, trio, quartet, soloist – so pick your favorite. They work very professionally and have several TV performances and events on their list of past jobs, amongst others, such as a private dinner for Leonardo di Caprio. Are you ready to get enchanted by the musical sounds of this group?

The 20’s in the year of weddings is about respecting the traditions of the earlier years while welcoming change in all the various aspects. If you’re planning a wedding this year, make sure to contact any of our recommended suppliers to give your guests a wedding they will remember forever!

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