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  • 5 Bridal Jewellery Trends You Need to Know for 2020

5 Bridal Jewellery Trends You Need to Know for 2020

See which of these five jewellery trends fit your sense of style to figure out if they'd finish your perfect look on your special day.

5 Bridal Jewellery Trends You Need to Know for 2020
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There are tons of fads that crop up in bridal culture every year. They might include certain wedding themes or a new kind of decor. These trends are picked up quickly because brides like to be inspired by the pros who are on the cutting edge of design.


One of the biggest choices a bride makes is what jewellery she’ll wear, so it’s important to know what’s popular now and what will be in the future. Women who are planning their 2020 weddings should check out the jewellery that’s been seen on recent runways to find what might work best with their personal style.

Check out these five bridal jewellery trends you need to know for 2020. You’ll be ahead of the game when your wedding arrives, so your bridal photos won’t be out of style as they’re being taken.

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photo: Unsplash

1. Wear Colourful Pieces

Most of the time, brides have chosen to wear simple silver or gold jewellery. They’re statement pieces that leave plenty of room for a different part of the outfit to be the dramatic centerpiece. The wedding gown has always been meant to be the focal point of each wedding, but 2020 brides will be adding a pop of colour.

Start researching colourful jewellery pieces to discover what you like and don’t like. Use colour in your earrings, necklace or bracelet if you don’t prefer it in your engagement ring. You could also use a colourful hairpin or broach in addition to the pieces you’ve already chosen. There are many different variations of bridal jewellery being created with this trend in mind, so research your options to see what’s out on the market.

2. Get Creative With Pearls

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No one can argue that pearls aren’t classy. They add a layer of elegance whenever they’re worn, so include some pearl jewellery on your wedding day. Studs, clip-ons and cuff earrings are just some of the pearl jewellery you can choose from.

Pearls can also be combined with diamonds for a more decorative look. Pair pearl earrings with a diamond necklace or vice versa. They pair naturally together without one taking away the beauty of the other.

3. Stock up on Gemstones

Another classic look is one based on gemstones. Many kinds are made into jewellery every year, but you can simplify things by wearing your specific birthstone for your wedding look. It’s a personal touch that gives your jewellery a bit more meaning for such a momentous occasion.

There are a few ways to include your birthstone in your wedding jewelry. Have an uncut gem fashioned into a custom design or transform a current piece into something entirely new. Either way, you’ll have something that’s truly one of a kind.

4. Invest in Big Hoops

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You may not have worn hoops in a while, but they’re coming back around for brides in 2020. The larger the hoop, the bigger the fashion statement. Aim for earrings that either have a wideband or large size to take part in this upcoming trend.

One thing to note is that big hoops will make more of a statement if the bride wearing them has an updo on her wedding day. Show off the earrings you love and keep loose hair from getting caught in them while you’re dancing at your reception.

5. Look for Emerald Cuts

Emerald-cut engagement rings have a couple of great qualities that 2020 brides will love. The style provides 5% more surface space than a traditional cut. They also make fingers appear to be more slender, resulting in beautiful ring photos on your wedding day.

Just because the style is emerald cut does not mean the colour will be green. Ask for the specific cut when you’re browsing through jewellery stores to see what’s offered or what could be ordered for you. You can get this style in any jewel or diamond you want.

Consider Your Options

These five jewellery trends will find their way down runways and wedding aisles in 2020, so consider all your options. See which ones fit your sense of style to figure out if they’d finish your perfect look on your special day.


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