Wedding dresses with feminine necklines, defined details and fabulous fabrics for 2016

Refined designs to consider if you are getting married in 2016. Fabrics, details, styles and accessories to accentuate your personal style and inject some personality into your wedding dress, making it really bespoke!

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You have seen and heard of the classic strapless, the traditional lace trim but what about defined lines, details and fabrics to emphasize areas that are not so prominent. Here we want to focus on suggestions for all of you ‘brides to be’ desperately looking for the right shape and style Wedding dress, offering more definition and support.

Wedding dresses that feature different shapes or details that focus on our feminine neckline and shoulders are complimentary and a total fashion must have on your wedding day. It is important to feel comfortable, confident but most of all beautiful, creating the real role, making you that true blushing bride. As Richard Gere says to Julia Roberts in pretty woman; ‘When you’re not fidgeting, you look very beautiful.’

Exposing your shoulders with a sweetheart neckline, lace trim shoulder piece or drop pearl pendant necklace accentuates a feminine image. It also screams so much about the personality of the bride and the saying goes; ‘‘’If you’ve got it, flaunt it.’’’ We all have our strengths and personal hang ups but with this style, you can not go wrong.

Some of the designers whom have continued the fashion influence for 2016 are Hannibal Laguna, Pronovias and Cabotine. It appeared as a popular trend last season, as it introduced and suggested various styles and themes including the ever famous 50’s era. So, if you have hang ups with your top half, not sure how to portray part of your personality with your dress or want to consider a theme or influence, take a look at this gallery that will be sure to inspire and excite you!

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