Ian Stuart Wedding Dresses for 2017: Styles to Suit Every Type of Bride

Ian Stuart has done it again! His 2017 Collection is enough to knock your socks off. With the amount of variety in this collection, you're bound to find something that you love and will want to wear on your big day! Good luck choosing just the one!

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Shopping for your wedding dress is an exciting activity that all brides to be should look forward to. Nowadays, with the variety of designs, cuts and styles on offer, it is highly unlikely that you won’t find something you’re looking for, or even the dress of your dreams. Often, with the amount of dresses that are released each season, brides have to look across different collections from different designers in order to feel like they’ve seen enough to make an informed and rational decision. However, that is not the case when talking about Ian Stuart’s 2017 Wedding Dress Collection.

With the myriad of designs featured in this collection, you’re bound to find something that you love. Ian has wowed us yet again with his talent and eye for versatility. In this collection, you’ll find dresses of all kinds – slinky mermaid-cut dresses that hug the hips and flare out at the bottom with lots of volume around the ankles and capped shoulders; cocktail-length dresses that take us back to the femininity of the 1950s; more traditional a-line skirts with v-shaped necklines that show a bit of décolletage; tattoo-effect lace around the necklines; strapless sweetheart necklines for the classic bridal look, and much much more.

Embellishments, lace and ruffles add texture and interest to these dresses, rendering them unique and elegant and perfect for your big day. Don’t miss out on this spectacular collection from Ian Stuart.

Why don’t you accessorise your dress with some beautiful bridal shoes, delicate hair accessories and a stunning bridal bouquet?

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