Gorgeous gowns for a fuller figured Bride to be in 2016!

Do not miss the various different designs and styles, that different designers have created for 2016. Beautiful and stylish for all tastes, shapes and sizes.

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Every year we eagerly await the following years new seasons wedding dress collection and we see there are many different styles but we also see some favourite classics. The designs are always Spectacular and suitable for all tastes, shapes, sizes, styles and needs.

With changing times, we are happier and more confident brides and we want to focus on the voluptuous bride and why not, bigger after all is more beautiful. There are many ways to say something and in this case, plus-size, curvaceous, voluptuous but to us, you are all individual, beautiful and have your own shapes and sizes. Our brides want to see real brides wearing real dresses and imagine just how they could look in a particular style without being overly conscious of what size the label reads. This is an inspiring and gorgeous gallery showcasing brides and dresses that embrace and demonstrate just how beautiful it is being bigger.

The most flattering cuts are empire waist dresses, they are complimentary in all areas especially if you have wider hips. The princess cut dresses are also perfect, plus with the voluminous skirts this enhances the bust but hides legs. If you want to cover your arms we suggest a long or three quarter sleeve lace detailed dress they are fashionable, sexy, stylish and comfortable. But what if you marry in the summer, long sleeves may be a little too covering and warm, so what about a longer veil to cover your arms during the day. This is a perfect way to accessorise, look stunning and feel comfortable.

Take a look at the numerous different styles there are, the way you can accessorise, with different colours and jewellery, making your wedding dress the most perfect and personal for you!

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