How To Get Hitched In The Historic City of Naples

Want to get married in Italy? Why not take a look at Naples - as one of the world's oldest cities, it gives couples the perfect location for wedding photos to remember forever

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Naples is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, and since much of the architecture in the city centre has withstood 27 centuries of history, it’s listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Each year thousands of tourists come to Naples to not only get a taste of it’s impressive architecture, but also ‘real’ pizza in the place it was born.

And if this isn’t enough to persuade you to have your wedding in Naples, then continue reading because we’ve got the best location and the best event planners to make you sure you have the wedding day you’ve always wanted.

What makes Naples such an attraction for couples is that its culture is subtle; with Baroque and Medieval church and palaces dotted around the city, it’s a perfect backdrop for those who want to combine long-lasting culture with modern romance. Couples can be sure to have a wedding day (or weekend!) to remember.

Where To Stay

Since you’re going to be getting married in one of the most historic cities in the world, you’ll need a place that lets you enjoy that as much as possible. Fortunately then, Villa Andrea D’Isernia, does exactly that. With a terrace and swimming pool that gives guests a panoramic view of Naples, couples can marry or renew their vows in front of the sea and city.

With ample picturesque corners and an interior garden, you can be sure to get an amazing wedding photo gallery. Located on the picturesque Golden Mile Coast, couples can visit nearby towns, or close by parks, for an unparalleled experience before, during and after the big event!

How To Organise 

Organising a wedding destination seems to be the thing that intimidates couples the during their brain storming session about where to have their ceremony. But since travel has become more accessible and there are many wedding planners operating all over the world, it’s never been easier! Italy has been gaining popularity for destination weddings so it’s important to find planners who really know what they’re talking about.

Into Italy Events

Into Italy Events create events all over Italy, so their professionalism is second to none. With planners that listen to the requirements of their guests, they will always think of ideas that are catered to you.

Their attention to detail is second-to-none as they carefully think out every part of the event. And whatever religious orientation or tastes, these experts will make it happen. Their priority is to fulfil your dreams as, of course, they want you to have the day you’ve been waiting so long for!

Who To Hire

It’s often hard to know exactly who to hire, especially when you’re abroad and you don’t know your surroundings very well, or you’re not sure who to trust to give you the best services. But as so many of our brides and grooms have seen in the past, this is to something to worry about!

Immagine & Suono Photography

Immagine & Suono Photography go by three words to define their company: “Imagine, dream, excite”. And they come from the imagination of a photograph, where light plays a big role in the interpretation of an image.

They have been working in the bridal sector for over 12 years, and have, during that time, specialised in moods, colours, emotions and the importance of light. They are suitably qualified to provide you with the service you desire, making sure they suggest locations and backdrops that best fit your personality, so to make your day original, and so that the memories last forever.

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