Trousers for Civil Ceremonies: Daring and Chic

Do you want an alternative to a wedding dress for your big day? Do you feel more comfortable in trousers and blazers? Here, we have compiled some of the most elegant and chic trousers that you can wear on your wedding day to wow the crowds.

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We all want to be a bride with personality, we want to be loyal to our own style on the big day, and for many, this is brought about by leaving bridal dresses and skirts to one side, and opting to wear trousers. Discover in this gallery the best and most luxurious trousers and suits, and you will be the chic-est of all brides.


Wearing trousers has become a trend that attracts more and more brides every year and, of course, they do not go unnoticed, with these types of bridal outfits often going viral across social media. But within this field of fashion, you will find a wide variety of options: cigarette trousers, palazzo pants (a more dramatic form of flares), cullottes… Another option that you have is if you choose to also wear a blazer, or a combination of a body suit and trousers.

With regard to the veil, you don’t have to leave it behind! It can act as a wonderful contrast, and undoubtedly give you a regal air that every bride aspires to have on their wedding day. If you choose to wear trousers, capes can also be a magnificent alternative, and help you to achieve this aim. There are also some examples of this in the gallery.

Do you want to wear trousers at your wedding, but not have to sacrifice wearing white? We have selected some bridal trouser suits from a variety of designers from whom you can choose your favourite.

But if you continue to be enchanted by the idea of the perfect wedding dress, don’t forget to take a look at the wedding dress page that Zankyou cultivates just for you, and find inspiration to make your day perfect.

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Trousers for Civil Ceremonies: Daring and Chic