Top ten wedding rings for every budget and taste

As if finally deciding on your dream engagement ring wasn’t difficult enough, there is still one more jewellery related decision to consider before you get to your all important nuptials. When deciding on your wedding ring, it’s essential that you consider how you would like your symbolic union of love to look, as it will sit with you for a lifetime. With such a delightful time ahead, founder of, Vashi Dominguez has put together a guide to his top ten wedding rings to suit every budget.

There are five key things to consider for every couple looking into buying their wedding rings. These are:

* Diamond vs Plain Wedding Band

* Colour

* Style

* Shape



Diamond vs Plain Wedding Band

Diamond wedding rings have peaked in popularity over traditional plain wedding bands. With so much attention focused on our favourite celebrity rocks, diamond wedding rings have become the latest must have bridal accessory. One important aspect to think about when choosing between the two, is whether you want a more traditional or slightly more contemporary wedding ring. If you like the idea of both, why not pick a channel set or milgrain wedding ring. These beautiful settings allow you to feature stones of your choice set in a traditional plain band.

Medium 3mm court shape 9k yellow gold wedding ring - £149
Channel set diamond ring in 18k white gold - £499


Coloured diamonds and gemstones are increasing their popularity amongst brides and grooms-to-be. If you consider yourself to be quite the trendsetter, why not add a little colour to give your wedding band that extra sparkle.

Diamond and blue sapphire ring in 18k white gold - £599
Diamond and ruby ring in 18k white gold - £699


Style is down to personal taste and there is no wrong or right way to symbolise this in your wedding ring. With that said, it’s key to work out a style that you’ll be happy to look at in years to come. Try on a few different styles to decide which one suits you best. Have fun deciding whether you’re a vintage-cut or contemporary-cut kind of person.

Vintage style diamond wedding ring - £829
Diamond ring in 18k white gold - £899


There are a few style options to choose from when deciding on the shape of your wedding ring i.e. band width (thick or thin), paved or plain, mixing metals or having a tiered, curved or straight setting. For a sleek wedding ring,  opt for a twisted or trim wedding band. Embellished shapes such as tiered and paved settings are a flawless choice for a slightly more opulent ring.

Straight diamond ring in 18k white gold - £999
Two row pave diamond ring in platinum - £1,399


Despite traditions of needing to spend at least two months of your salary on an engagement ring, this is very much a personal view and quite different when it comes to wedding rings. The truth is every couple is different; therefore the amount you spend should be a figure that’s right for you and fits within your overall wedding budget. If you prefer a plain wedding band over a more elaborate style, you need to consider which metal suits you best. There are four metals to choose from: white gold, yellow gold, silver and platinum. Gold, whether white or yellow, is the most popular and durable choice and also less expensive compared to a platinum setting (the strongest jewellery metal). Prices also tend to be a lot cheaper for online purchases compared to retail stores. Creating your own bespoke wedding ring is another option to choose from. If you’re keen to extend your budget for a uniquely styled ring, why not create your own wedding band to your taste? How special and memorable would that be?!

Heavy 8mm flat shape platinum wedding ring - £1,469
Channel and pave set diamond ring in platinum - £1,999

Whatever type of ring you go for, remember to choose wisely. Not only according to your budget and preference, but also remembering that it’s something you’ll wear everyday for the rest of your life. Make it comfortable, make it personal and most important of all, make it special.

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