Happy Mother's Day! A wedding tribute to our favourite ladies

They say it’s the most difficult job in the world, that no one is more dedicated, generous and caring. They’re always there for you, advising you, supporting you and helping you, and today we want to salute those wonderful women in our lives. Our mums, grandmothers, step-mothers, foster mums and godmothers. For all the wonderful “mums” around the world, today is your day and we want to help you celebrate that!

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Not just a general Mother’s Day tribute, we want to mention the special part that mothers play on your wedding day. Although in the UK it’s the mother of the bride that plays a special role, across Europe and by no means less important, the mother of the groom carries the important role, often taking the place of the more traditional best man that we have here in the UK. It’s the special bond between mothers and their sons that is celebrated and focused on.

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Their advice and help on your big day will be priceless. They love you more than anything else and more importantly, they’ve been there themselves so they know how you’re feeling. Sometimes their help and suggestions can come across as a little interfering, but just remember their role and how nervous and stressed they may be feeling too. You’re their baby and they want your big day to be perfect! They’ve always been there to help you with other big events in life, and your wedding day is the ultimate day for them.

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It’s natural for nerves to take hold of you both on your big day. A word of advice: Take a step back, take a deep breath and remember the importance of the day. Your parents have probably contributed financially and emotionally to your big day so it’s natural that they too feel a bit of pressure for everything to run smoothly. A cup of tea or a glass of Champagne and a cuddle is a great way to avoid any arguments.

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If you feel your mum is beginning to interfere or annoy you a little, give her a specific role or task to take care of. She will appreciate that you’re keeping her involved without her meddling too much in other areas of the planning that you may already have under control.

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The most important thing, don’t forget your mum on your big day! It’s always so ingrained in us that brides have that special bond with their father – he walks you down the aisle, he’s next to you at the top table and of course, the all important father daughter dance. Don’t leave your mum aside, ensure you make time for her, thank her for her help in the speeches and get your photographer to capture some loving images of just the two of you. A small gift as a token of your appreciation which can be given to her as part of the speeches will make all the difference.

Mum’s aren’t always perfect (none of us are) but they usually have your best interests at heart and they will be incredibly emotional on your big day. Remind them how wonderful they are and how much you love them, not just on Mother’s Day, not just on your wedding day, but every day. One day, you may be a mother and you’ll be delighted when your own children love you in this way too.

Happy Mother’s Day! (I love you mum, and thanks for everything you do for us every day xxx)

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